20 Under-$20 Cooking Essentials You Need at Target

Here are 20 items everyone needs for a thoroughly functional, grown-up kitchen. And they won’t break the bank, either.

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Cast Iron Skillet, $19.99

Many people believe that a good cast iron skillet must set you back $150 or more, but this $20 gem is here to debunk that myth once and for all. It even has two handles to give you a good grip when you're moving it from stove to table.

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Spring Form Pan, $10.99

Bakery-quality cheesecakes are one small purchase away with this nonstick, heavy-bottomed spring form pan. Don't stop there though; put it to work the next time you're making seven-layer dip, ice cream cake or even Rigatoni Pie.

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3-Piece Round Cake Pan Set, $14.99

The next step in broadening your baking arsenal is to upgrade from a basic sheet cake pan to a round cake pan set. Having a set of three in various sizes means you’ll always have the ideal pan on hand, no matter your baking mission. (Three-tiered red velvet cake, anyone?)

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Set of 3 Cookie Sheets, $17.99

You don’t need a special occasion to make your favorite chocolate chippers, and these fancy cookie sheets set just the right tone for a day of treating yourself. The steel cooking surface and diamond pattern are not only practical for baking, but we think the gold finish adds a stylish touch to any baker's toolbox.

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Pizza Pan, $5.99

If you have zeal for 'za, then it's time to invest in a quality pizza pan so you can try your hand at homemade pies. The ideal pan boasts strength and durability, and this heavy steel option offers both. Not to mention a non-stick coating, which guarantees that the crusts come out crisp every time.

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Measuring Spoon Set, $4.99

We all aspire to Ina levels of culinary intuition, but if you aren't quite ready to eyeball your spices and seasonings, get a trusty set of machine-washable measuring spoons to do the work for you.

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Measuring Cup Set, $5.99

Let there be no ambiguity between you and that new cookie recipe you've been meaning to test out, and opt for this compact, stainless-steel set of measuring cups with the measurements imprinted on the bottoms.

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Box Grater, $9.99

This sturdy home cook's companion was long ago supplanted by the rasp grater and the innumerable shredding blades of the food processor. But it's still hard to beat the convenience and adaptability of a tool that can go from counter to dishwasher with no hard-to-clean moving parts. Not to mention a design that has a blade for seemingly every kitchen situation.

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Stainless Steel Potato Masher, $5.99

You'll never have to suffer the indignity of lumpy potatoes again if you add one of these classic mashers to your utensil collection. Far from flashy, this old-school kitchen basic is still the key to silky mashed potatoes, even in 2018. (Just ask your grandmother and her A+ Thanksgiving spuds.)

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Stainless Steel Large Turner, $6.99

Think of a grill master as the barbecue's conductor; the turner, her baton. One should never underestimate the power of a lightweight yet durable turner. That said, this stainless-steel option will really make those burgers sing.

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Blue "You Wash I'll Dry" Kitchen Towel, $3.50

Even the nimblest chefs will dirty their countertops, so it’s best to prepare for any kind of mess in the kitchen. Rather than burning through endless paper towel packages, add a durable and machine-washable kitchen towel to your linen collection. Better yet — hang it up as a cheeky reminder that it takes two to do the dishes.

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Stainless Steel Stockpot, $17.99

If your weekly meal planning typically involves a big batch of soup, stock or sauce, then you simply cannot go another day without a 6-quart stockpot in your arsenal. This stainless-steel model is just large enough to make cooking for crowds a breeze.

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Marble Rolling Pin with Wood Handles, $14.99

If you're an avid baker, then you absolutely need a durable rolling pin. So, why not invest in one that looks darn good sitting on your countertop when it's not in use? We think this marbled number has the right look and the right price.

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Colander Mesh, $4.99

Does your strainer feature a multifunctional handle that allows you to balance it over a bowl and then hang it up in storage once you’re done? If the answer is no, then it's time to upgrade to a colander that can do both.

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Pasta Server Copper, $5.99

Spoons and tongs are far from foolproof, and #SpaghettiSunday will often have you seeing red. Luckily, this eye-catching copper pasta server is here to spare your linens.

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Mini and Bottle Spatula Ruby Ring, $3.99

How do we tell the rookies from the pros? One simple question: How many spatulas do you own? If the answer is just one, then it’s time to repeat Cooking 101. This low-cost set includes the two essentials: a mini spatula for mixing and scraping, plus a narrow bottle spatula, designed to fit into jars and tight spots.

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Whisk, $5.99

Is there anything this classic balloon whisk can’t do? From scrambling eggs to fluffing up a sweet meringue, this everyday-use type of whisk definitely deserves a spot in your utensil collection.

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Stainless Steel Ladle, $5.99

It's high time we all acknowledge how underappreciated ladles are. This kitchen essential is the first tool we turn to for stirring, sauteing and serving liquids such as punch, soups, stews, sauces and purees. Thankfully, this durable, stainless steel model won't set you back much.

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Cupcake Muffin Pan Brass, $8.99

A muffin pan is essential for avid bakers, but anybody with enough cabinet space to store one should invest ASAP. Think outside the box and you'll find yourself relying on your handy muffin tin for everything from making jumbo ice cubes to mini meatloaves.

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Paring Knife, $1.99

In the world of cutlery, flashy and expensive chef's knives hog the limelight. Never underestimate the importance of the humble paring knife, though. Good for peeling, trimming and slicing small fruits and vegetables, a quality paring knife is the cornerstone of a fully functional kitchen. The good news is that you don't need to splurge in order to get yourself a reliable one.

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