20 Under-$20 Party Essentials You Need at Target

Hosting a party should never wipe out your savings! With a quick trip to Target and a little DIY elbow grease, you can easily (and cheaply) pull off a sophisticated soiree.

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SPARQ Home Slate Cheese Markers, $9.95

Know your goat cheese from your Gruyère! Use this sleek set of markers to guide your guests through a thoughtfully curated cheese tasting experience.

Buy It: Cheese Markers Set

Marble Cheese Slicer, $19.99

If your party involves a cheese plate — and we really think that it should — a basic table knife rustled out of your kitchen drawers just won’t do. However, a dedicated cheese slicer with a marble base would certainly be up to the job.

Buy It: Marble Cheese Slicer

Wood Cheese Board, $19.99

Presentation is crucial, and that triple-crème Brie you splurged on will look extra tempting on this wood and marble cheese board alongside some fruit spread and toasted flatbread bites.

Buy It: Wood Cheese Board

Copper Cheese Knife, $16.99

Pair the cheeses on your serving board with their slicing soulmates. This pretty copper knife collection features everything you need: a wide spade for soft or crumbly cheeses, a flat-edged knife for semi-hard cheeses, a spade knife for hard cheeses, and a cheese fork for hard and soft cheeses.

Buy It: Copper Cheese Knife Set

Boho Boutique Melamine Serving Bowl, $14.99

Don’t let the snacks get lost in the chaos of a sprawling party spread! Set out the chips, pretzels, popcorn or candy in this eye-catching serving bowl made of durable melamine.

Buy It: Boho Boutique Melamine Serving Bowl

Copper Condiment Serving Set, $12.99

Major key alert: Keep your friends close and your condiments closer. This serving trio allows you to separate each condiment or snack — from nuts and candies to salsas and dips — meaning less cleanup for you and more convenience for your guests.

Buy It: Copper Condiment Serving Set

Acacia Serving Board, $16.99

Passing around a lightweight hors d’oeuvres tray is one stealthy way to set the right tone, otherwise you’ll find your guests crowding the buffet table all evening. Luckily, this striking lacquered wood option can handle any kind of warm or cold appetizer.

Buy It: Acacia Serving Board

Wine Tasting Accessories Set, $14.99

Even those of us who really like wine may not feel like we know all that much about it, so why not explore the nuances? No rules, no pretense, just some mildly reflective sipping with wine-loving pals — plus a reliable corkscrew and some handy tasting cards to guide the way.

Buy It: Wine Tasting Accessories Set

Stemless Wine Glass, $2.00

If you’re over the age of 25 and still sipping wine out of red Solo Cups, then it’s time to board the adulting bus. First stop: elegant stemless wine glasses, on the cheap. Once your guests go home, you can stack and store them until your next get-together.

Buy It: Stemless Wine Glass

Glass Wine Decanter, $14.99

It’s the vintage piece you’ve been looking for to add some sophistication to your bar cart. Fill it up with a bottle of your favorite white or red, and let your guests help themselves.

Buy It: Glass Wine Decanter

Ceramic Deviled Egg Platter, $9.99

Alright, eggies, now let’s get in formation. Whether it’s July 4th or Mother’s Day, Easter or a holiday open house, deviled eggs will always be in style — and so will this sleek ceramic platter designed to keep your deviled eggs looking neat and appetizing.

Buy It: Ceramic Deviled Egg Platter

Round Glass Cake Stand, $14.99

To steal from Julia Child, a party without a cake is just a meeting. Do yourself one better: Serve the pièce de résistance on this retro glass cake stand.

Buy It: Round Glass Cake Stand

Chalkboard Centerpiece Sticks, $3.49

From the foyer to the buffet table, display custom messages all throughout your next soiree to help your guests identify different dishes, locate the drink station, and know where to drop off their used plates and utensils.

Buy It: Chalkboard Centerpiece Sticks Set

Norfolk Glass Beverage Dispenser, $19.99

Spare your guests the hassle of a trip to the kitchen and set out this large glass beverage dispenser for quick refills. Make it extra-refreshing (and pretty): Pile in heaps of sliced lemons and limes or cucumbers.

Buy It: Norfolk Glass Beverage Dispenser

Bormioli Rocco Glass Drinkware Tumbler, $3.99

Put away your basic weeknight glassware and break out these tumblers for the classiest occasions. No one will ever guess how little you paid for them — and we’re not spilling the beans.

Buy It: Bormioli Rocco Glass Drinkware Tumbler

Hashtags Ice Tray, $2.99

Hosting a cocktail party? This culinary ode to modern internet culture is here to help you gear up for #ThirstyThursday. Do it for the ‘gram, and your guests will thank you.

Buy It: Hashtags Ice Tray

Terrazzo Coasters, $12.99

What separates novice a host from the experts? One word: coasters. Protect that handsome wood tabletop with this sophisticated, flecked marble set.

Buy It: Terrazzo Coaster Set

OGGI Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, $19.99

Serious tipplers will know they’ve come to the right place when they see this sturdy, stainless steel cocktail shaker in action. From martinis to Mai Tais, all of the classics will be at your fingertips.

Buy It: OGGI Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, $19.99

This isn’t the 1960s, and you aren’t on the set of Mad Men — but this stainless steel ice bucket with its retro-inspired wood lid may as well be. Follow Don Draper’s lead in all things “happy hour” by equipping your bar cart for hours of cold-drink service.

Buy It: Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

String Lights, $9.99

A special occasion calls for mood lighting, so turn off the harsh overhead bulbs and string up these soothing white lights instead. You’ll be happy you did when looking through the photos the next morning.

Buy It: String Lights