What We're Loving: Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

Tabletop decor can really set the mood for the big Thanksgiving meal, or any cozy fall evening for that matter. Here are some favorite items to create a warm, inviting, elegant feel in your home this season.

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Faux Dried Hops in a White Pot

Add some fall foliage to your tabletop, without the pressure of keeping the plant alive. Nestled in a white planter, these dried hops are artificial so no need to water them or deal with soil. They’ll blend in nicely with the rest of your neutral, earth-toned color palette.

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Kate Aspen Gold Pumpkin Napkin Rings

Guests will notice the extra little tabletop touch of these charming gold pumpkin napkin rings. Since they come in a set of 12, you’ll have enough when the dinner party turns into a big crew.

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Gold Plaid Napkins

Need some napkins to pair with those cute pumpkin napkin rings? These plaid napkins look fall-chic without being fall-only decor territory. They’re stylish and functional year-round, not to mention soft thanks to the cotton-linen blend.

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"Happy Fall" Round Galvanized Tin Tray

Happy Fall, y’all! This tin tray brings some seasonal happiness to any table or countertop. It’s a good size for drinks, appetizers, and even yes, decorative gourds. Because can you ever have too many decorative gourds?

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5.3 oz Decal Glass Candle, Fresh Pumpkin Scent

Lighting candles is one of the easiest ways to add some cozy fall vibes to the house. Plus everyone looks more flattering by candlelight, right? Whether you’re hosting the big T-day meal or just curled up with a favorite book on the couch, these pumpkin-scented candles emit both a warm glow and festive aroma (for an impressive 28-hour burn time!).

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Corn Decor

Maybe it’s corny but does it get any more fall than a bundle of corn cobs tied up with a burlap bow? Hang these colorful beaded cobs on your front door or in the windows, or display them on your tabletop. Since they’re 100% not-real-corn, you won’t have to worry about pets or neighborhood critters snacking on them.

Buy It: 17.5" Corn Decor Set

Wool Decorative Pumpkins

As adorable as they are festive, these mini wool pumpkins can be sprinkled throughout the house—on the mantle, on the dinner table as place settings, or really wherever else you need a mini pumpkin in your life. Each box comes with a variety of colors.

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Teak Wood Vase

If you’re looking for more understated seasonal decor, display this elegant teak vase on the table alone or filled with a bunch of leafy branches from the backyard. It fits with the rustic harvest theme without hitting you over the head with pumpkins.

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Styrofoam Pomegranates

Pomegranates bring a punch of snappy holiday red to any tabletop. Add them to wreaths, fruit baskets, or nestle a few amongst votive candles. They’ll still good even through the last New Year’s parties.

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Vase Filler Gourds

It doesn’t get much easier than throwing some shellacked, misshapen gourds into a glass bowl or horn-shaped basket and calling it a day. Throw on a flannel shirt and put together this classic centerpiece and blammo, you’re set for fall.

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