5 Clever Ways to Hide an Oreo

What could possibly improve a chocolate chip cookie, you ask? An Oreo hidden inside, of course! The same goes for cupcakes, brownies — you get the picture.

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Sneaky, Sneaky

Whether you twist, dunk or just eat them whole, there's one thing that's sure: Life is infinitely better with Oreos. Today, we're taking Oreo bliss to the next level by stuffing milk's favorite cookie into five of our favorite treats. We dare you not to drool!

In a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Can you handle this much cookie? Roll your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough into a large ball, flatten, then fold around an Oreo, making sure all edges are hidden. Bake and enjoy!

In Rice Krispies Treats

Snap, crackle, pop and crunch! This might be our favorite of the bunch. To make, follow a traditional recipe for Rice Krispies Treats, but divide the mixture in half and sneak a layer of Oreos into the middle when transferring to the pan.

In Brownies

Warning: This may cause addiction. For a decadent treat, layer whole Oreos into the batter when baking brownies. These babies won’t last long!

In a Cupcake

This is the best kind of surprise. Before filling cupcake tins, drop an Oreo (or two) into the bottom of each liner, then cover with batter. Top with cookies-and-cream frosting for the ultimate Oreo-themed treat.

In Pudding Pie

It's as easy as, well, pie. All you need is a pie shell, chocolate pudding, whipped topping and, of course, the Oreos. Line the shell with a generous layer of Oreos, top with prepared pudding and whipped topping, then freeze overnight. Heaven.