5 Stacked Milkshakes Inspired by Classic Diner Pies

These creamy milkshakes pay homage to the comforting diner pies we've been eyeing in dessert display cases for decades.

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Mile-High Diner Pie Milkshakes

These mile-high milkshakes accomplish the impossible by rolling two desserts into one tall, eye-catching glass: The first is a rich and creamy milkshake, and the second is a thick slice of pie sitting precariously over the rim. Ready your straws and napkins.

Chocolate Cream Pie Milkshake

You’re about to enter a chocolate lover’s darkest fantasy: this frothy shake featuring not one but two slices of chocolate cream pie. The first, which is blended into the shake, lends the beverage its ultra-thick and rich texture, and the second is set atop the glass. Before you slide the pie slice into position, top the shake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. If that’s not indulgent enough for you, coat the rim of the glass with whipped frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake

If you love the contrast between bittersweet lemon curd, pillowy meringue and buttery pie crust, then this Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake is one to try. Start by blending lemon curd, lemon ice cream and milk in your blender, then top with toasted whipped meringue and pie crust crumbles. 

Apple Pie Milkshake

If you can't find mile-high apple pie at your local diner, make this mile-high apple pie milkshake instead. Topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce, this shake might be better than the pie itself.

Coconut Cream Pie Milkshake

Blend coconut ice cream, milk and a slice of coconut cream pie together and voila — you've got a sippable version of the comforting diner dessert. Garnish the rim of the glass with toasted coconut flakes, then pour the milkshake into a glass and top it with another slice of coconut cream pie and some whipped cream. 

Chocolate-Cherry Pie Milkshake

The decadent flavor combo of sweet cherries and rich chocolate collide in this pretty-pink blend of chocolate ice cream, milk and cherry pie filling. Top your glass with three mini cherry pies, whipped cream and, of course, the crowning jewels: more cherries.