5 Super-Simple, Totally Edible Cocktail Garnishes

You don't need to be a veteran bartender to create these stylish garnishes at home.

Photo By: Karen Cohen

Photo By: Karen Cohen

Photo By: Karen Cohen

Photo By: Karen Cohen

Photo By: Karen Cohen

Photo By: Karen Cohen

It's All in the Details

Jazz up your homemade cocktails or mocktails with these edible, eye-catching garnishes that take no time at all to prep.

Cucumber Ribbons

For this super-simple and elegant garnish, thinly slice a Persian cucumber lengthwise by hand, or by using a mandoline slicer. Pour your cocktails into tall glasses, then slide 2 or 3 cucumber ribbons inside along the edge of the glass.

Flamed Orange Peel

You'll turn heads with this classic, flavor-enhancing bartender's trick. To start, slice out a coin-shaped piece of orange peel. Then, light a match and hold it a few inches from the cocktail. Hold the peel over the cocktail (orange side facing the flame) and squeeze, using your forefinger and thumb to let the oils out. After the flame sparks, drop the piece of orange peel into the drink or rub it along the rim of the glass.

Lemon Twist

For the best results, use a channel knife — the bar-keeper's gadget with a V-shaped blade — to create perfect lemon twists. Simply hold the lemon in one hand while running the channel knife along the rind with your other, turning the lemon as you go. The result: a curly piece of fragrant lemon rind to balance on a rim of your cocktail glass.

Pomegranate Seeds

Nothing looks prettier than ruby-red pomegranate seeds floating to the top of your rosé spritzer. Garnish each glass with 1 to 2 tablespoons of seeds for an instant, effortless embellishment.

Balled Cantaloupe

For this fun and festive cocktail garnish, use a melon baller to scoop out perfectly shaped balls from a cantaloupe or a variety of different colored melons. Then, in a glass, combine 3 to 4 melon balls with fresh mint leaves for a bright color contrast.