A-List Burgers

These Los Angeles burgers are almost as famous as the people who line up for them. We asked for the secret recipes.

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Steve Giralt

Truffle Burger

Some stars inspire the toppings for Umami Burger's Artist Series (Andy Samberg and The Black Keys have burgers to their name); others just chow down here. This truffle burger is both Hilary Swank and Dax Shepard's favorite. umamiburger.com

Photographs by Steve Giralt

Get the Recipe: Truffle Burger

Caribbean Burger

You might spot Ewan McGregor asking for one of these burgers at the Santa Monica outpost of this California chain. He's a sucker for the sauteed veggies and jerk sauce. barneyshamburgers.com

Get the Recipe: Caribbean Burger

The Office Burger

This is the only burger on the menu at Father's Office, but it's the reason most people stop here. The restaurant is a few blocks from Sony Pictures and The Culver Studios, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio are big fans. fathersoffice.com

Get the Recipe: The Office Burger


Stars love customizing the classic beef Fatburger: Jay Leno takes his with a triple patty. Milla Jovovich prefers her toppings sandwiched between patties in place of a bun. But some Fatburger fans take their obsession to the next level: Queen Latifah, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams have each owned franchises. fatburger.com

Get the Recipe: Fatburger

The Original Beauty

This bright-pink truck counts Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoë Saldana among its celeb clientele, and the signature burger is her favorite: It's topped with Baby's special sauce, a spicy mayo-ketchup-chipotle mix. babysbadassburgers.com

Get the Recipe: The Original Beauty

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