14 Delicious Recipes You Can Cook Over a Campfire

Because everything tastes better when it’s eaten outside.

March 15, 2023

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz


Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Cooking Over a Campfire

There’s no denying the pleasure of a meal outdoors, whether a 5-ingredient camping recipe or something more elaborate—and that might just go double for something cooked over a campfire after a long hike. But you can’t live on weenie roasts alone—which is why we’ve rounded up these delicious camping recipes. They use the open flame and a cast-iron skillet in ingenious ways to keep you well-fed in the great outdoors, from breakfast to late-night snacks. Some of the most useful recipes to have in your back pocket when you’re cooking over a campfire? Ones for a satisfying dinner—like this crowd-pleasing favorite. Please, just don’t mention what’s for dinner, so that you can watch the jaws drop when you take the lid off to reveal a gorgeous lasagna. Yes, really.

Get the Recipe: Campfire Lasagna

Camping Baked Potatoes with Herbed Sour Cream

Guy Fieri knows a thing or two about cooking outside, whether it’s for camping—or a tailgate! This classic baked potato will scratch all the itches but is just a little extra-special, too.

Get the Recipe: Camping Baked Potatoes with Herbed Sour Cream

Campfire Quesadillas

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, quesadillas are a classic. Michael Symon gets it down to a science that campers of all age can customize to their preferences.

Get the Recipe: Campfire Quesadillas

Campfire S'mores Strawberries

You can’t have a camping trip without s’mores, but does it really always have to be the same old? This pairs fresh strawberries with melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs for a juicy twist on the classic.

Get the Recipe: Campfire S'mores Strawberries

Campfire Beans

There’s hardly a more evocative and appetizing meal than a big pot of beans cooked over an open fire. Marcela Valladolid’s version is simple, old-school, and plays up the smoke flavor with the addition of bacon.

Get the Recipe: Campfire Beans

Creamy Campfire Clam Pasta with Tomatoes

Yep, that’s right, pasta with clams from the campfire, for those occasions in the wild where you really need a showstopper. And it’s no bare-bones production, either—toasted breadcrumbs top the dish and give it just that little extra something that will have campers almost giggling with delight as they slurp around the fire.

Get the Recipe: Creamy Campfire Clam Pasta with Tomatoes

Skillet Brownie

Make your own brownie mix ahead of time in a resealable plastic bag, then smush together with wet ingredients at your campsite and bake. Fresh, warm brownies right off the fire!

Get the Recipe: Skillet Brownie

Campfire Chicken Wings

The marinade for these wings from Chef James Briscione is simple, straightforward, and full of flavor. The secret ingredient is the seasoning mix, which brings that hint of a smoker to the wings, plus lime juice and cilantro to keep things bright.

Get the Recipe: Campfire Chicken Wings

Foil-Packet Spiced Nuts

We apologize in advance to trail mix, because after you snack on warm spiced nuts, right off the fire, it will be hard to go back.

Get the Recipe: Foil-Packet Spiced Nuts

Campfire Cones

When your crowd has become blasé about s’mores, trot out this easy make-your-own dessert bar from Ree Drummond and go from zero to hero.

Get the Recipe: Campfire Cones

Campfire Foil Pack Breakfast Burritos

To avoid that every-40-minute hunger that’s inevitable in the great outdoors, start the day with these hearty burritos, stuffed with eggs, potatoes, chorizo and cheese. Prep before you leave and then warm everything on the campfire for a breakfast that will really stick with you.

Get the Recipe: Campfire Foil Pack Breakfast Burritos

Camping Toasted Marshmallow Cereal Treats

These treats are so fun to make, even the bears will want to get in on it! Choose your favorite cereals and toppings—the combination possibilities are endless.

Get the Recipe: Camping Toasted Marshmallow Cereal Treats

Foil-Packet Jambalaya

Everyone gets to cut open their own individual packet to release the aromas of fresh jambalaya—what an absolute treat of a dinner in the great outdoors.

Get the Recipe: Foil-Packet Jambalaya

Campfire Banana Boats

Ree Drummond offers her take on the camper classic, stuffing bananas with chocolate and caramel chips, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs, for a dessert that helps fill up any remaining space in tummies!

Get the Recipe: Campfire Banana Boats