Creative Wedding Cakes

Get inspired by these amazing wedding cakes, baked or spotted by Food Network viewers.

Hand-Painted Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was decorated with roses, the bride's favorite flower.

From AnnieosCustomCreations411

Fantasy Wedding Cake

Hot pink daisies dress up this fashionable wedding cake.

From the Cake Designer

Fantasy Gardens Wedding Cake

Bright and busy, this cake stands out from the crowd.

From KarasCustomCakes

Cookie Wedding Cake

A cookie-themed cake adds a touch of whimsy to the reception.

From Madison Mayberry

Beach Wedding Cake

This fun, small cake matched the simple wedding on the beach.

From PaintMePurple1641191541

Parcel Wedding Cake

A cute bride and groom top this romantic wedding cake.

From Clare.Pascoe241194260

Italian Wedding Cake

A traditional Italian wedding cake, this tiered creation was loaded with fresh fruit.

From Theresa

Yellow Daisy Wedding Cake

This cute, bright yellow cake looks both classic and unexpected.

From April Mgoff41187700 of

Ultimate Wedding Cake Stand

An amazing cake stand takes these cakes from ordinary to extraordinary.

From Creation by Craig

Queen Mary2 Wedding Cake

All the cake characters dressed the part for this '40s-themed wedding.

From CCCakes1

Fun Couple Wedding Cake

This quirky triple-chocolate cake reflects the couple's interests.

From Sabine.Hamilton

Oatmeal Wedding Cake

Smooth fondant covers this oatmeal wedding cake.

From Toreen

Sea and Shore Wedding Cake

This artistic pastel cake has an under-the-sea theme.

From Mercedes Strachwsky

Blue Roses Wedding Cake

This unusually shaped cake bursts with bright blue colors and personality.

From WG421141202637

Mermaid-Themed Wedding Cake

A mermaid bride tops this bright, fun wedding cake.

From NadiaFrench41202607

Blue-on-Black Wedding Cake

A black base makes dramatic bright blue designs pop.

From Patisserie.Roy41202602

Fountain Wedding Cake

This elaborate, over-the-top wedding cake is dressed up like a fountain.

From Patisserie.Roy41202602

Romantic Glow Wedding Cake

Candles and lights give this elaborate cake a romantic glow.

From Denise4728041202555

Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake

Dramatically tilted tiers make this wintry cake look fun and interesting.

From FrouzParast41202538

White-on-White Wedding Cake

For a simple and elegant wedding cake, go with all-white and classically monogrammed.

From Andrea41202514

Halloween Wedding Cake

This Halloween-themed cake manages to be spooky yet romantic.

From Andrea41202514

Orchids and Berries Wedding Cake

Gum paste orchids and berries cascade down this beautiful wedding cake.

From Fondant50041133044

Embroidered Wedding Cake

White roses make the perfect topper for this elegant cake.

From CakesEleven41132234

Asian-Inspired Wedding Cake

A fondant bloom-filled vine crawls up this five-tiered wedding cake.

From Robin Conner Hunt

Orchid Hand-Painted Wedding Cake

Delicate painted orchids cascade off this lovely wedding cake.

From McTomac341202292

Korean-Themed Wedding Cake

This pagoda-topped wedding cake reflects the bride's Korean heritage.

From AnnieosCustomCreations411

Chocolate Lace Wedding Cake

This lacy chocolate design is simple and elegant.

From Ajlorlyn41202212

Pink Victorian Wedding Cake

Instead of classic white, this wedding cake is all pink.

From Robin Conner Hunt

Feather Wedding Cake

This wedding cake has five tiers of edible feathers for a fun twist on tradition.

From Sharon - Cake Maker

Sandcastle Wedding Cake

These cakes were carved into castle shapes, iced and then covered with ground-up cookies to make them look like real sandcastles.

From Susan41202112

Topsy-Turvy Wedding Cake

With whimsically tilted layers, this sunflower cake looks like it's falling over.

From LPBeier41132465