Food Network Kitchens Prepare for Thanksgiving Live 2013

Get a behind-the-scenes look inside Food Network Kitchens and the preparations for Thanksgiving Live, airing Saturday, Nov. 23 at 12pm EST.

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No Shortage of Props

These are just some of the countless pieces of equipment needed to execute Thanksgiving Live, including the pots and pans for Bobby, Giada, Alton and Ina, plus serving platters and utensils, as well as a mix of classic and rustic canisters to adorn the set.

Setting the Scene

All it takes is a few colorful gourds and flower-filled vases to turn Food Network Kitchens into a seasonal space worthy of the Thanksgiving feast.

Detailed Preparations

To help the team in Food Network Kitchens keep track of the myriad items needed to not only prepare but serve the multiple components of each star's dish, dedicated baking sheets are filled with the various tools and products needed to make a specific dish's components.

Plan Ahead

Fans can take a lesson from Food Network Kitchens in the way the team's preparing for Thanksgiving Live. A few days before Turkey Day, set out the platters and utensils you're planning on using, then label them with what dish they'll eventually hold.

Gravy Master

Look out for this traditional gravy boat on TV, as it may be home to Alton's smooth turkey topper on Saturday.

Fancy Equipment

Each chef's workstation will likely be outfitted with a knife block studded with sharp steel blades.

Turkey Day Essentials

Brussels sprouts, garlic, potatoes and more fresh produce will likely be stars of your Thanksgiving feast — and they're must-have ingredients in the chefs' dishes as well.

Want More Thanksgiving?

Tune in to Thanksgiving Live on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 12pm EST to see Bobby, Alton, Giada and Ina in Food Network Kitchens, and browse Food Network's Thanksgiving Central to find the best-ever recipes to create the ultimate holiday dinner.