How to Build Caesar Salad Skewers

These Caesar salad skewers are easy enough for kids to make, but fun to eat at any age.

Who Even Needs a Bowl?

A big bowl of lettuce is never as enticing as you wish it were, no matter your age. That's why we've reimagined classic Caesar salad as a fun, dippable snack.


By Rupa Bhattacharya and Clifford Endo Gulibert for Food Network Kitchen

The Ingredients

You'll need a couple of romaine hearts, crusty bread, a block of Parmesan, a few eggs and, of course, wooden skewers.

Prepare for Skewering

Start by coring the romaine hearts and separating them into leaves. Then, cut the bread into cubes and fry the cubes with a little bit of butter or oil until crispy and brown on all sides. Hard-boil the eggs and cut them into quarters. Lastly, you'll want to shave the Parmesan into strips using a vegetable peeler.

Roll the Romaine

Roll the romaine leaves lengthwise into a cigar shape, as pictured.

Pierce and Slide

Then, pierce the romaine roll through the center and slide it down to the center of the skewer.

Follow the lettuce with a cube of bread ...

... then a slice of egg ...

... and, finally, add the cheese.


Keep going until the skewers are full.


Serve the skewers with Caesar dressing, for dipping. If you're feeling adventurous, try topping the skewers with anchovies.