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How to Celebrate Any Occasion with Doughnuts

By: Jen Wood

Coffee's humble sidekick finds new expression in these festive doughnut treats.

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5 Trendy Takes on America's Favorite Pastry

Simple, comforting and oh-so-cute to look at, these doughnut-inspired desserts hit right on that sweet spot between classic comfort food and newfangled, eye-catching dessert trends.

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Coffee & Doughnut Mini Milkshakes

We've been serving doughnuts with coffee for eons, so why not pair the sweet breakfast pastry with something a little more indulgent ... like a frothy coffee milkshake? To start, prepare the milkshake by blending 2 scoops of coffee ice cream with 1 cup of milk (you can add ice, too, if you like it extra frosty). Coat three shooter glasses with chocolate syrup, then pour in the coffee shake. Add the straws, then slide a mini doughnut onto each. It's the perfect after-school reward.

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Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches

This one couldn't be any simpler: Just cut your favorite glazed doughnuts in half and fill them with different-flavored scoops of your favorite ice cream. Voila — the ultimate shortcut dessert.

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Doughnuts on Sticks

This festive party snack combines two of the most-popular food trends of the moment: doughnuts (of course) and food on a stick. The next time you host a birthday party, graduation party or any other celebratory gathering, skip your usual assortment of gift-bag candy and slide mini doughnuts (homemade or store-bought) onto wooden ice-pop sticks as a sweet parting gift for your guests to grab on the way out.

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