How to Make Caramel-Coated Cheese Crackers

Learn how to make this sweet-and-cheesy snack in five easy steps.

A New Use for Caramel

Caramel corn is great. Caramel corn mixed with cheddar corn is better. We decided to skip the middleman and coat cheese crackers with crunchy caramel instead.


By Rupa Bhattacharya and Amanda Neal for Food Network Kitchen

You Will Need

•  3/4 cup sugar

•  1 tablespoon butter

•  1/2 tablespoon kosher salt

•  1/2 teaspoon baking soda (to make your caramel crisp instead of rock hard)

•  Cheese crackers (1 box)

•  Cooking spray

Step 1

Add the sugar, butter and salt to a saucepan (ideally a big one, bigger than you think you'll need). Then add enough water to wet the sugar, and cook over medium heat, without stirring, until you start to see the pan begin to color in spots. Don't walk away from it!

Step 2

Once you start seeing color, swirl the pan rapidly ...

... until the whole pan is dark golden brown.

Step 3

Turn off the heat, add the baking soda, and start whisking fast. It's going to bubble up.

Step 4

Spray a large bowl with cooking spray, and add the crackers to it. Spray a spatula and a cookie sheet, too. Then, working quickly, pour the caramel over the crackers and toss with the spatula. Do not touch the caramel.

Step 5

Pour everything out onto the sprayed baking sheet and spread out into a single layer with the spatula. Wait (seriously, wait) for it to cool, then break apart into chunks and try not to eat the entire thing at once.