How to Make Cornbread Stuffing in the Microwave

Whether you are stuck in your dorm room over Thanksgiving break or just don’t have enough space on your stove, there is no shame in making this classic holiday side in your trusty microwave.

The Ingredients

You will need 1/2 cup each finely chopped celery and onion, 4 ounces raw breakfast sausage without any casing, 1/2 cup chicken or turkey broth, 5 cups of cubed stale cornbread, 1 tablespoon chopped sage, 1 teaspoon thyme leaves and 1 large egg.

In a Microwave-Safe Bowl ...

... combine the celery, onion, sausage and chicken, breaking up any clumps of sausage.

Microwave on High

Cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high until the veggies are tender and the sausage is cooked, about 4 minutes.

Cool Slightly ...

... then add the cornbread and herbs.

Lightly Beat the Egg

Be careful not to overscramble.

Add It to the Hot Mixture ...

... and stir to combine thoroughly.

Microwave on High, Again

Transfer to a microwave-safe baking dish and microwave on high until heated through, 3 minutes.

Garnish & Serve

Just a few snipped chives will lend the cornbread stuffing a ton of fresh and vibrant flavor.