Munch Madness

What to eat during the biggest month in college basketball? We created game-day snacks honoring 2015’s Elite Eight.

Duke Blue Devils: Blue Deviled Eggs

Duke basketball doesn’t always win in the popularity contest — and neither does stinky cheese. But these blue cheese deviled eggs prove the haters wrong, just as the Blue Devils did when they won the National Championship in 2015.

Get the Recipe: Blue Deviled Eggs

Gonzaga Bulldogs: Bulldogs in a Pretzel Blanket

Even if you don’t root for the Zags, bulldogs in a blanket are a must-try. Giving pizza dough the pretzel treatment is game-changing. 

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Arizona Wildcats: Spicy Wildcat Claws

Your viewing party snacks should match the intensity of the game on TV. Kick up the heat and make these pepper-Jack bites. 

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Kentucky Wildcats: Sweet Wildcat Claws

If you’re a University of Kentucky fan (or just a bigger fan of dessert), make these sweet puff pastry claws. With cookie butter and puff pastry, you can’t lose. 

Get the Recipe: Sweet Wildcat Claws

Wisconsin Badgers: Bucky Bites

These fried cheese curds are a nod to Bucky Badger, the Mascot Hall of Fame-winning badger. But you don't need to sport a red and white Wisconsin sweater like Bucky to enjoy these beer-battered bites dipped in garlicky mayo. 

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Fiery Potato Skins

Potato skins are always a good call when you’re planning a finger food spread. Give them a touch of fighting spirit with habanero cheese. 

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Michigan State Spartans: Spartan Sword Crudites

Don’t underestimate vegetables on the snack table. They’ll go quickly when served with tzatziki, green goddess dressing and adorable cocktail sword picks.

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Louisville Cardinals: Birdseed Truffles

Packed with oats, chia seeds and peanut butter, these mini chocolate treats will keep you energized through both halves of the game. 

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