One Sugar Cookie Dough, 5 Delicious Cookies

Mix up one sugar cookie dough five cute ways for the perfect Valentine's Day treats.

Sugar Heart Sandwich Cookies

Cut tiny hearts out of the center of sugar cookie rounds, then fill them with pomegranate-flavored cream cheese frosting. Leftover filling can be used to sandwich the small hearts together.

Get the Recipe: Sugar Heart Sandwich Cookies

White Chocolate Valentines

Give these White Chocolate Valentines a personal touch with your favorite design in white chocolate.

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Cocoa Hearts

With a few extra ingredients, you can transform Alton's Sugar Cookies into decadent Cocoa Hearts - gooey bittersweet chocolate and orange marmalade sandwiched between two cocoa-laced cookies.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Orange Cocoa Hearts

Sweetheart Tarts

Press rounds of sugar cookie dough into mini muffin tins to create the shells for our bite-sized Sweetheart Tarts. Finish the baked shells with cherry or currant jam and a whole juicy cherry.

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Almond Kisses

For these nutty Almond Kisses, mix finely chopped almonds and almond extract into Alton's dough, then roll into balls and bake. Finish with a toss in powdered sugar and sparkling red sanding sugar.

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