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Over-the-Top Breakfast-Themed Milkshakes

A few carefully selected embellishments will transform a basic vanilla milkshake into a stunningly indulgent breakfast treat.
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Breakfast for Dessert

Or is it dessert for breakfast? These outrageously indulgent milkshakes are tough to pin down. But one thing's for sure: Your guests will be amazed when you whip up a batch at your next brunch party. Start with a plain vanilla milkshake recipe, then doctor it up with different mix-ins, such as maple syrup or cereal milk. The awe factor is in the embellished glass rims, so don't skimp on the sweet decorations.

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Waffles and Candied Bacon Maple Milkshake

Start by making candied bacon. Set aside whole slices to stick into each milkshake as a garnish and chop up the rest. Next, coat the top of each milkshake glass with chocolate frosting, then add your chopped candied bacon to the chocolate rim and place glasses into the freezer to let the embellishments harden. Next, make your milkshake by combining vanilla ice cream, milk and maple syrup in your blender. Remove the glasses from the freezer, pour the milkshake, then top with whipped cream, a strawberry, a slice of candied bacon and miniature toasted waffles on a skewer.

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Cereal Milk Milkshake

Start by soaking your favorite fruity cereal in milk for 20 minutes. Be sure to start with extra milk than your milkshake recipe requires, as the cereal soaks some of it up. Next, coat the rims of your glasses with marshmallow fluff and roll in fruity cereal. Then, take a crispy cereal bar, add marshmallow fluff to half of it and roll it in fruity cereal as well before placing on a skewer. Blend your milkshake using vanilla ice cream and the strained cereal milk, pour into the glasses, then top with whipped cream, and more fruity cereal and cereal marshmallows.

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Chocolate Chip Pancakes Maple Milkshake

Start by coating the tops of the milkshake glasses with chocolate frosting and rolling them in miniature chocolate chips. Place the glasses into the freezer so the frosting hardens. Next, prepare your milkshake by blending vanilla ice cream, milk and maple syrup. Drizzle more maple syrup into the glasses before pouring your milkshake. Top with whipped cream, more chocolate chips and miniature pancakes on skewers. Drizzle with more maple syrup and serve with napkins!

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