Photos: Kwanzaa Menu

Celebrate Kwanzaa with soul-soothing Southern foods and African flavors.

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Individual Corn Spoon Breads

These fluffy spoon breads pack in a lot of rich corn flavor with a hint of chipotle kick. Serve them as a side dish for dinner, then toast the leftovers — if there are any — for breakfast.

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Turkey and Okra Skillet Dinner

Use fresh corn and okra for a one-dish meal centering on Southern ingredients.

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Mustard Greens with Cheddar

The mustard greens in this easy salad have a peppery bite that's great paired with sweet tomatoes and shaved cheddar.

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Black-Eyed Pea Salad

The key to this Southern staple side is letting the ingredients meld together for a few hours before serving.

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