Play With Your Food

Food Network Magazine's edible versions of classic games like chess, bowling and poker.

Treats to Spare

These bowling pins aren't regulation, but snack lovers will agree they should be. Using a serrated knife, cut a set of 10 hollow plastic pins ($15, Stats Bowling Set; in half lengthwise. Fill each side with warm Rice Krispies Treats (you'll need to make about seven batches), press together and secure with rubber bands. Allow the pins to set overnight. Add official "stripes" with red licorice.

Chip Poker

Foil-covered Chocolate Poker Chips ($14 for 36; are a lot cheaper than the real thing, and the winnings are just as sweet.

Snack Jacks

Raid your junk drawer for a rubber ball and search the kitchen cabinets for some chocolate candies, and you'll have an instant game of jacks. Spread out 10 candies, toss the ball in the air and, with the same hand, pick up one piece of candy, then catch the ball after only one bounce. Repeat until you pick up all 10 candies. For the next round, "twosies," you must pick up two candies at once, and so on, until you get to "tensies." Winner keeps the chocolate!


Chocolate making and chess both require good strategy. Combine the two skills by making a set of white-and dark-chocolate chess pieces with two chess candy mold sets ($3 each;

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Chess Pieces

Pixy Pick-Up Sticks

Play pick-up sticks with a handful of Pixy Stix. Assign four different-colored sticks a point value (50, 40, 25 and 10), then put 50 sticks in an empty potato-chip can. Overturn the can and drop the sticks into a pile. Take turns removing the sticks one at a time, being careful not to move the other sticks. The first player to get 500 points wins all the candy!

King-Me Cookies

Checkers sets always seem to be missing a few pieces. Salvage the game by using chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies as checker stand-ins, and throw in a new rule: You get to eat the pieces you jump.

Dessert Puzzler

Putting together a puzzle just got sweeter. Make this recipe for Cookie Puzzles and you won't feel guilty about eating the pieces.

Get the Recipe: Cookie Puzzles

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