Recipe Tips: Little Lemon Meringue Pies

These whimsical pies are elegant and perfectly textured—they've got a buttery, crisp-tender crust that'll stand up to tangy-creamy curd, and the meringue holds its shape even overnight!

Mini Meringue Pies 

These mini lemon meringue pies are sweet and whimsical, and best of all, they can be made ahead in stages. Start with a simple buttery crust, which can be made, baked and frozen up to 2 weeks prior to serving, while the smooth lemon filling can be made and refrigerated up to 3 days in advance. Here are three more important tips to remember when preparing these tiny treats for your next special occasion.

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Press for a Snug Fit

Cut tart dough into 4.5" rounds with an inverted bowl or round cookie cutter. Press the rounds into the muffin tin and gently press the dough into the corners and about halfway up the sides for a snug fit.

Bake Until Golden Brown

When blind baking, check the color of both the top and the bottom of the crust. A fully baked crust should be golden brown. Underbaked crusts will taste floury; overbrowned crusts will taste toasted or burnt.

Zest Some Citrus

To zest citrus, grate the colored outside of the skin on a fine grater or rasp. Rotate the fruit and zest different spots to avoid the bitter white pith.

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