19 Scary-Delicious Snacks to Make This Halloween

Add an eerie selection of black-and-orange eats to your Halloween spread with these fun recipes.

Updated on October 19, 2023

Our Best Halloween Snack Recipes

Whether you’re hosting a costume party for the kids or an all-out monster mash, you’re going to need a few delicious Halloween snacks to keep everyone’s hunger at bay. Luckily, we’ve got lots of great ideas. From wickedly delicious appetizers and creepy cocktails to haunted desserts like cakes and candy apples, you’ll find all the recipes you need to plan the perfect menu—each one decked out in plenty of black and orange to fit the theme. We’d gladly gobble up any of these Halloween snacks but can’t imagine a spread without these eerie deviled eggs. All you have to do to create the spiderweb design on the outside is lightly crack the egg shells after cooking—and steep in a sweet-and-savory blend of tea, soy sauce, chili oil and spices.

Get the Recipe: Halloween Deviled Tea Eggs

Dark and Spooky

"Classic cocktails are so trendy right now. One of my favorites is this twist on a Dark and Stormy, perfect for Halloween." -- Claire Robinson, for Food Network Magazine

Get the Recipe: Claire Robinson's Dark and Spooky

Hot Dog Mummies

Made with store-bought crescent dough, these mummy dogs will be a hit at dinner or a Halloween party. The dough is very forgiving and easy to wrap, and the best part is it doesn’t need to be perfect—these are ancient mummies after all.

Get the Recipe: Hot Dog Mummies

Chocolate Carrot Cake

This black-and-orange carrot cake is quite impressive, but the web effect on the chocolate frosting is much easier to create than you think. Simply beat marshmallows and orange food coloring, then use two forks to stretch marshmallow strands atop the cake for showstopping results.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Carrot Cake

Jack-O'-Lantern Onion Dip

This easy, cheesy onion dip is the perfect crowd-pleasing snack for any Halloween bash.

Get the Recipe: Jack-O'-Lantern Onion Dip

Vampire Blood Soup With Muenster Sammies

Kick up the creepy factor by serving tomato soup in test-tube "shooters." Pair with monster-shaped Muenster cheese sandwiches on pumpernickel bread.

Get the Recipe: Vampire Blood Tomato Soup with Muenster Sammies

Air Fryer Pumpkin Seeds

You can have crispy, salty pumpkin seeds ready in just 30 minutes thanks to the air fryer. They are delicious plain, but also great with your favorite seasonings. Toss the seeds with a generous coating of ranch seasoning, chili powder or sumac, for instance, just before air frying them.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Pumpkin Seeds

Spaghetti Worm Cups with Bolognese

Squid ink pasta is the perfect color for this tasty Halloween trick. Served in a clear dish under Bolognese, it looks like a cup of earthworms.

Get the Recipe: Spaghetti Worm Cups with Bolognese

Pecan-Caramel Spiders

Don't be scared by these creepy treats -- they have tasty licorice legs and gooey caramel-pecan bodies.

Get the Recipe: Pecan-Caramel Spiders

Chocolate Doughnut Holes

Sprinkle chocolate-glazed chocolate doughnut holes with festive nonpareils for sweet treats everyone will want to munch on.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Doughnut Holes

Orange Candy Apples

Meet your apple-a-day quota the sweetest way possible. These beauties are dipped in an orange-colored candy coating, then drizzled with chocolate.

Get the Recipe: Orange Candy Apples

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Choose your favorite dried orange fruit: mango, papaya or apricot (or a combination of all three)and dunk in chocolate for an easy-to-make Halloween snack.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Chocolate-Pumpkin Crepe Cake

A whipped cream filling made with pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice keeps the thin chocolate crepes in this cake in line. A simple chocolate ganache is the perfect finishing touch.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Pumpkin Crepe Cake

Candy Corn Cordials

Infuse vodka with sweet candy corn, then mix with orange liqueur and lemon juice.

Get the Recipe: Candy Corn Cordials

Salmon-Carrot Sushi

Smoked salmon is paired with carrots for a salty and savory snack with a bit of a crunch serve them with a simple dipping sauce for another layer of flavor.

Get the Recipe: Salmon-Carrot Sushi

Sweet Potatoes With Caviar

These bite-sized, caviar-topped appetizers will add a touch of sophistication to your black-and-orange buffet.

Get the Recipe: Sweet Potatoes With Caviar

Black and Orange Vodka

Skittles and black licorice make this infused vodka over-the-top. Finish with a candy garnish for extra flair.

Get the Recipe: Black and Orange Vodka

Orange Sherbet Cups With Blackberries

This make-ahead dessert will match your Halloween decor and won't require a bowl -- what a sweet, easy way to end your Halloween evening!

Get the Recipe: Orange Sherbet Cups With Blackberries

Dark Chocolate Martini

Dark as night and devilishly rich and chocolatey, this martini will be the highlight of your Halloween bash.

Get the Recipe: Dark Chocolate Martini

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