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  • Level: Intermediate
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  1. How to Bone and Tie a Salmon Steak into a Medallion:
  2. Pull any pin bones from a salmon steak with a small pair of pliers. Slide a paring knife along the inside of the bones lining the stomach flaps. Cut along the small bones running up toward the back of the salmon steak. Cut all the way to the back of the steak up to, but not through, the skin. Repeat on the other side of the steak so that the central bone is completely separated from the 2 halves of the steak. Carefully cut off 2 inches of the skin that wraps around 1 of the stomach flaps and fold the flap up in toward the center of the steak. Wrap the remaining stomach flap around the outside of the steak and tie into a round, or medallion, with string.
  1. How to Poach a Small Fish in Cheesecloth:
  2. ?h Poaching doesn't interfere with the fish's delicate flavor.
  3. ?h It requires no fat.
  4. ?h You can use any pan that it deeper enough to submerge the fish.
  5. ?h Small fish can be poached on the bone or off.
  6. Rub the inside of a boned trout with chopped fresh herbs.
  7. Wrap the fish in a double layer of cheesecloth:
  8. ?h Wrapping helps hold a boned fish hold its shape.
  9. ?h Also makes it easy to pull it out of the hot liquid.
  10. ?h If the fish is stuffed, it helps hold the stuffing in place.
  11. Tie the cheesecloth at both ends with string.
  12. Slide the trout into an oval saute pan with just enough liquid to cover:
  13. ?h The liquid should be brought to a simmer before adding fish.
  14. ?h Check for doneness of fish after cooking for about 7 minutes per inch of thickness.
  15. ?h Remove the skin from the fish while the fish is still hot. If you wait until the fish has cooled, it will stick.
  1. How to Clean Squid:
  2. Cut the tentacles off below the eye but be sure not to cut them too far down, or they will come apart. Fold back the tentacles slightly and push out the "beak" and any grit caught in the small center opening. Pull the innards out from the hood. Reach into the hood and pull out any remaining innards. Rinse out the hood. Pull out the small plastic-like "quill" that runs along the inside of the hood. Cut off the small fin on 1 side of the hood and cut it into strips. To remove the purple skin, start by scraping the covering off with a knife. Removing the purple skin makes the squid more attractive but less flavorful. Continue peeling the skin off with your fingers. Unless you're stuffing the hood, slice it into rings. If the tentacle bunches are large, cut them into 2 or more pieces through the top.