23 New Twists on the Negroni

Bartenders are transforming the classic Negroni into something brand-new.

Photo By: The Long Island Bar

Barrel-Aged Negroni at American Cut: New York City

Marc Forgione's cocktail creation might look like a classic Negroni, but don't let its color fool you. It's been aged in an oak barrel for up to 28 days, resulting in vanilla and caramel flavors you can't get from the classic concoction.


Frozen Negroni at Cafe Henri: New Orleans

In a city known for pushing the envelope on creativity, it should come as no surprise that you'll find a frozen Negroni on a cafe menu. Be careful when it comes to this boozy slushie; it's hard to have just one.


Bottled Sparkling Negroni at Mr. Purple: New York City

The outdoor space at Mr. Purple offers some of the best views of the New York City skyline, and there's no better way to enjoy them than with a whimsical cocktail. These personal bottles of bubbly Negroni are perfect for sipping on the rooftop.



White Negroni at Thoroughbred Club: Charleston, South Carolina

Suze (a French liqueur) is substituted for Campari in this cocktail, creating a Negroni that's lighter in color and flavor. This one from the Thoroughbred Club is garnished with grapefruit peel for a different citrusy flavor.


Barrel-Aged Negroni at Clyde Common: Portland, Oregon

Mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler piqued the public's interest in the Negroni when he began offering a barrel-aged one at Clyde Common in 2009. Needless to say, it has serious staying power; the cocktail is still on the menu to this day.


Pamplemousse Negroni at Catch: New York City

The name is a mouthful, but this drink goes down easy. This one is an easy-sipping Negroni perfect for warm weather. You'll find all the traditional components (Campari, sweet vermouth and gin) balanced out with notes of grapefruit for a cocktail that pairs well with all the seafood offered at this nautical restaurant.


White Negroni at Bang Bang PDX: Portland, Oregon

The Negroni is an Italian creation, but the purveyors of this Thai restaurant in Portland prove that it can be paired with any cuisine — if you have the right ingredients. This white Negroni calls for an aperitif wine in place of sweet vermouth for something just a little different.


Chocolate Negroni at Dante: New York City

The Negroni is what the mixologists at Dante do best. For proof, attend one of the bar's Negroni sessions. They happen every day for three hours, and you'll find 12 versions of the classic for $9 each. If you're feeling decadent, try the Chocolate Negroni, made with chocolate bitters and creme de cacao.



Negroni Moderno at Le Farfalle: Charleston, South Carolina

It's no secret that Charleston is quickly becoming a food destination of the South, but we might say it's a destination for must-try cocktails too. This Italian-style bistro is serving up a classic Negroni using modern-day spirits that are brand-new to the market.



Remember The Alimony at Lantern’s Keep: New York City

New Yorkers in need of quality cocktails have been hitting up Lantern's Keep at the Iroquois Hotel for years. The cocktail bar in the heart of midtown Manhattan is serving up a Negroni with a twist. Sweet vermouth is swapped out for fino sherry, and the drink is garnished with a lemon twist for something just a little more unique.


The Original Negroni Slushy at Parson's Chicken & Fish: Chicago

The laid-back vibe at Parson's Chicken & Fish is perfect for sipping a slushie. Order a cool Negroni slushie the bartenders are slinging from the machines behind the bar and hit the Ping-Pong table while you wait for your fried chicken order.


Carbonated Negroni at Canon: Seattle

The Negroni renaissance is rumored to have started on the West Coast. True or not, you'll find bartenders who make mixology something of a science. Jamie Boudreau bottles his Negronis before bubbling them up in a Fizziq carbonation system, resulting in the perfect grown-up soda. 


Smoky Negroni at Coppelia: New York City

At this Latin diner, you'll find a new twist on the Negroni: mezcal. The smoky liquor replaces gin to give this cocktail a trendy flavor that everyone is vying for. We recommend having one as a nightcap, since the place is open 24/7.



Corsano Moreno at Noir: Cambridge, Massachusetts

A Negroni's cherry-red color can be deceiving, since the drink is known for its bitter flavor. This take on the cocktail tastes more like how it looks, thanks to a helping of Heering Cherry, a cherry-flavored liqueur.



Negroni Carbonato at Wallflower: New York City

This bubbly Negroni is carbonated twice: once with sparkling wine and then again with a carbonation machine. Lemon sorbet provides a sweeter citrus element that's perfect for easy drinking.



Negroni Slushy at Seabear Oyster Bar: Athens, Georgia

Go for the oysters; stay for the Negroni. In lieu of using an orange twist, the bartenders at Seabear add orange juice to the mixture, so you don't lose any citrusy flavor.



The Oriole at Root & Bone: New York City

Apple brandy is the secret ingredient in this creative cocktail, which has the same 1-to-1-to-1 ratio as a classic Negroni. You'll also taste a hint of citrus, thanks to grapefruit bitters and an orange peel.



BBQ Negroni at Talde Brooklyn: Brooklyn, NY

You'll find all the elements of a classic Negroni in this drink, plus one twist: smoked vermouth. Sweet vermouth is placed in a pan on top of applewood chips and placed in a smoker for about two hours, resulting in a deep smoky flavor normally reserved for barbecue.



The Last Bite at Vandal: New York City

Chopped judge Chris Santos is known for his creative street food at Vandal, and now you can add his upgraded cocktails to the list. This twist on the Negroni swaps out Campari for another herbaceous alcohol, Jägermeister.



Barrel-Aged Negroni at Temple Bar: Cambridge, Massachusetts

The barrel-aged Negroni at Temple Bar is aged in American oak barrels for almost two months before it's ready to serve. When you finally order it, you'll taste woodsy and vanilla notes you won't get from the classic.



Carbonated Negroni at The Refuge: The Woodlands, Texas

Pair upscale bar food with a whimsical cocktail. This carbonated Negroni is finished off with an orange peel and served in a beautiful stem glass. Don't let its pretty appearance fool you — it's still a stiff drink.



TiNegroni at The Long Island Bar: Brooklyn

Negronis are known for being on the stronger side, so this one gets a touch of water for drinkability. Rye is used In lieu of gin, giving this cocktail a whole new flavor.



Negroni Alpino at Ristorante Morini: New York City

It should come as no surprise that this elegant uptown establishment offers seasonal cocktails with only the best ingredients. During fall and winter, ask for the herbaceous Negroni Alpino, made with piney amaro and Italian gin.



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