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The Coolest Ice Pop Shops from Coast to Coast

With temperatures ablazin’, these sticks of frozen fruit, herbs, booze and beyond will cool you down and keep you hydrated in a delicious way.

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Avocado Paleta at Las Paletas (Nashville)

This adorable little shop in the trendy 12 South neighborhood of Nashville is helping a whole new generation fall in love with Mexican-style ice pops, called paletas. Each day they photograph their chalkboard menu to share on Instagram with rotating flavors like strawberry chocolate chip and pineapple blueberry. A favorite is the traditional avocado pop. The perky green pop is creamy (and nutritious!) and a constant request of both kids and adults.

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Banana Pudding Pop at Steel City Pops (Homewood, Alabama)

With the popularity of pop shops in the southern U.S., it shouldn’t be a surprise that banana pudding pops have made their way onto menus as a summery ode to the beloved dessert. As Steel City Pops, with locations in four states, over 20 varieties are served at a given time, from fruity to creamy, but the banana pop combines it all with chunks of banana, whole milk and cream, vanilla bean and organic cane sugar and pieces of housemade gluten-free vanilla shortbread cookies.

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Thai Tea Pops at Popfancy Pops (Houston)

Thai tea has long been a favorite for tempering the fiery flavors of Thai cuisine, and at this mall pop shop, the combo becomes a cooling organic ice pop, ideal for cooling the fiery heat of Houston summers. A love letter to the diversity of Southeast Asian food in the state, it combines seven-spice Asaam black tea and condensed milk in a sweet and creamy pop.

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Rhubarb with Chocolate Drizzle at Seattle Pops (Seattle)

A visit to a pop shop down south inspired the creation of this Northwest Pacific ice pop shop, which is filled with creamy and fruity pops that use local ingredients whenever possible. A favorite is the rhubarb when it’s in season, a tangy treat drizzled with chocolate for sweetness (or without if you choose).

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