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Throwback Treats: 13 Childhood-Inspired Snacks and Desserts

By: Patty Lee

The flavors of these restaurant dishes will take you straight back to afternoons spent baking in Grandma’s kitchen and chasing down the jangling ice cream truck.

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Photo: Halee Holland

Pop Tart at Bakery Lorraine, San Antonio

Chefs Anne Ng and Jeremy Mandrell started to make Pop Tarts during their time at The Monterey as an ode to the now-shuttered restaurant’s gas station roots. Their handmade version of the beloved toaster snack became so popular that it followed the duo to their own spot, Bakery Lorraine. Flavors rotate — strawberry, raspberry and blueberry have made appearances recently — but they all come with the same colorful topping of crushed macarons, a nod to the pair’s French pastry expertise.

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Strawberry Shortcake Semifreddo Pop at Cultivar, Boston

At this New American restaurant near Faneuil Hall, Chef Mary Dumont offers up a play on the Strawberry Shortcake Bar. In a fine-dining twist on the cherished ice cream truck treat, she layers mascarpone semifreddo with strawberry jam and strawberry-basil sorbet, then coats the bar with white chocolate that's been blended with freeze-dried strawberries and candied hazelnuts.

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Photo: Patty Lee

PB&J Macaron at Bouchon Bakery, Yountville, California

Bouchon Bakery’s seasonal macaron has been hitting the books, taking notes from the sandwiches that pop up in lunchboxes everywhere. Chef Alessandra Altieri Lopez has crafted a giant PB&J version of the French confection, with peanut butter buttercream and mixed-berry jam swirled between two deep-violet shells.

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Ho Ho at Deer Path Inn, Chicago

Located on Chicago' s North Shore, this charming inn is modeled after the ones in Britain, but its childhood-inspired dessert is as American as it gets. Deer Path Inn' s Brad Parsons doesn' t stray far from the classic recipe for the roll, first tested in Grandma's kitchen years ago. The roulade is an airy chocolate sponge cake with finishing accents that take things up a notch. Instead of a vanilla cream, the upscale Ho Ho is filled with cream cheese mousse and covered with a chocolate glaze and strawberry pearls.

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