6 Over-the-Top Easter Treats

Step aside, Halloween. Easter - with cult-favorite hits like Cadbury Crème Eggs and Peeps - could be the top sugar-fueled holiday of the year. Take your basket to epic heights with these decadent showstoppers.

By: Patty Lee

Easter Egg at Stick With Me Sweets, New York City

Master chocolatier Susanna Yoon likens her gorgeous Easter eggs to mini pinatas. Speckled and swirled with colored cocoa butter on the outside, the handcrafted shells hold edible surprises within. While you may be hesitant at first to crack into the stunning orbs, there's a delicious mix of crunchy chocolate cereal bits and malted chocolate balls waiting inside.

10-Pound Chocolate Bunny at Li-Lac Chocolates, New York City

Jumbo may be an understatement: This massive Easter rabbit stands 24-inches tall and weighs a whopping 10 pounds. It's made by one of New York City's longest-running chocolate shops, where old-school cast molds - some dating back to the 1920s - are still the technique of choice. Master chocolatier Anwar Khoder pours high-quality chocolate and cocoa butter into a specialty mold to form the oversized hopper, which retails for $110 and comes in milk or dark chocolate.

The Peeps Shake at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers, New York City and Las Vegas

The creators of the gravity-defying milkshake trend give diners a serious sugar rush with the Easter-themed Peeps Shake. Cherry ice cream serves as the base of the over-the-top sippable bonanza, which is piled high with whipped cream, Easter M&Ms, pastel sprinkles and three yellow marshmallow chicks. Like any good shake, it's finished with a cherry on top.

Easter Eggs at Travelle Kitchen + Bar, Chicago

Pastry chef Scott Green conjures up a batch of new Easter eggs every year for this elegant New American restaurant inside the Langham Hotel. His latest collection draws inspiration from different sources - there's a Game of Thrones-themed homage called the Targaryen and another based on Aesop's fable The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg - but the chocolate-and-sugar concoctions all have one thing in common: Green's intricate chocolate work harkens back to his time as a graphic design student at the Art Institute of California.

Bunny Cake at Bunnie Cakes, Miami

As the owner of a vegan bakeshop named Bunnie Cakes, Mariana Cortez naturally goes all out for Easter. The baker has a parade of sweets in store for the holiday, but the stars are her specialty five-inch cakes. With alternating layers of cake and frosting - available in flavors such as vanilla, guava and dulce de leche - the stacked beauties are decked out in three festive ways: with a trim of rainbow cream rosettes, topped with a fondant rabbit and sugar eggs, or as a bunny wearing a fresh flower crown.

Easter Coco Shots at Telefèric Barcelona, Walnut Creek, California

Telefèric Barcelona outside San Francisco is known for its Spanish tapas, with even desserts coming in a shareable, bite-sized format. For Easter, Chef Oscar Cabezas has created whimsical dessert shots with a tropical twist. He uses coconut butter and cocoa powder to create an edible "glass" that's filled with boozy rum-infused coconut foam. They arrive at the table garnished with mint and - just like the liquored-up kind of shot - slices of lime.