Sunny Anderson's Top 5 Places to Eat in Brooklyn

Sunny Anderson shares her favorite neighborhood bites in Brooklyn with Food Network Magazine (photographs by Poul Ober).

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Sunny's All-Time Favorite Bites

Sunny Anderson has sampled delicious food from almost every corner of the globe: She grew up moving from place to place in an army family and then traveled the world as a radio host and journalist for the U.S. Air Force. The Home Made in America star has settled in Brooklyn now, in an area that's packed with great options for adventurous food-lovers. "I'm always trying to relive the places I've visited," she says.

Rasta Pasta From Footprints Cafe

When Sunny moved to Brooklyn in 2006, she asked some passers-by where to find a good late-night bite. They pointed her here, where she found a new go-to meal: penne mixed with yellow, green and red bell peppers and a creamy jerk sauce. Sunny orders it topped with a kingfish steak. "It's Caribbean food at its best," she says. 5814 Clarendon Rd.;

Garlic and Pepperoni Pizza From Di Fara Pizza

Locals stand in line for more than an hour for these pies, and Sunny swears they're worth the wait. The thin-crust garlic and pepperoni pizza, topped with three cheeses, is "hands down, the best slice I've had in my life," she says. Di Fara's 76-year-old owner, Dom De Marco, still makes each pie himself. 1424 Avenue J; 718-258-1537

Passion Fruit Cosmo From Stone Park Cafe

Sunny first ate at this neighborhood restaurant in 2009, and it has become one of her top spots for a celebratory meal. The seasonal menu changes frequently, but her favorite cocktail is a constant: It's made with passion fruit puree — the same one the pastry chef uses to make a sorbet. 324 Fifth Ave.;

Mofongo With Pernil From El Nuevo Yayo

Sunny loves mofongo, a classic Puerto Rican dish of mashed, fried green plantains, and she gets her fix at this restaurant about once a month. "It's the best authentic mofongo I've had stateside," she says. She typically orders it with pernil, a garlicky roast pork. "The best part is getting a crunchy piece of pigskin." 5823 Fourth Ave.; 718-492-5634

Fish Special From Cafe K

One of the resasons Sunny chose her fixer-upper apartment was this nearby kosher restaurant: "On my days off, I wanted to be close to something good." Sunny goes for the catch of the day, determined by what's available at the New Fulton Fish Market. The baked tilapia with mushrooms shown here makes regular appearances. 1111 Avenue K; 718-677-3033