Best of Ace of Cakes

Go behind-the-scenes with Duff and the Charm City Cakes crew as the create amazing cakes.

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Betty Takes the Cake

Duff delivers a cake to Betty White for her favorite animal charity, Morris Animal Foundation. Duff: "Betty has been an animal lover forever and is so sincere and avid about raising money for all kinds of animal awareness, including the Morris Foundation."

"Oh, Duff, You Shouldn't Have"

"Betty White is one amazing lady," says Duff. "I've worked with Betty before on a movie called You Again, and she was razzing me on the set there in California and she razzed me some more at the Morris gala when I told her my one scene in the movie was cut. She loved that! She is a true American sweetheart and I think I speak for everyone when I say 'We love you, Betty!'"

A Grand Cake for a Grand Slam

Duff: "There are some really amazing sporting events that we make cakes for, and the US OPEN is one of the biggest! The fans are rabid, the US OPEN staff are so enthusiastic and the players are legendary. I'm just glad a stray tennis ball didn't land in this cake!”

Can Rafa or Roger Do This?

Duff draws an interested crowd while creating his US OPEN stadium cake.

Serving Up an Ace!

Chef Duff takes a swing at big-time tennis fame — with a little help from an oversized racket and ball.

A Dental Dessert

Duff and the Charm City Cakes crew create a birthday cake shaped like a molar for a dentist. Why the 80's flair? It's inspired by his high-school photo.

MotorWeek's 30th Anniversary

Duff: "'MotorWeek' is a world famous show that is filmed right here in the Maryland countryside and for a gear-head like myself, it is a real honor to be asked to make a birthday cake for them. Happy Birthday, MotorWeek!"

The $1,000,000 Cake

Duff and crew created a cake to celebrate the 1,500th episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Duff: "I can't even imagine what that number means ... I was thrilled to get to 100!"

Who Wants a Bite?

Duff presents the millionaire cake to host Meredith Viera at the show taping in New York City.

Sketch It, Then Make It

Here's a drawing of a cake Chef Duff and his crew created for the indie band, Pavement.

Reunion Concert Cake

Elena from Charm City Cakes, a big fan, was thrilled to present this cake to Pavement before their big concert in Central Park.

Antique Police Car

Duff: "I finally got to decorate a cake with my best friend Art, who is a New York City policeman and was the goalie on my college hockey team."

Cake Head

After the end of a fun, successful Ace of Cakes run, Chef Duff is ready for a relaxing, "sweet" rest.