Season 1, Episode 6

Cake Walk

A couple getting married at a local amusement park has ordered a cake for each table in the shape of a bumper car. But when the big day arrives, it's 100-plus degrees and humid–can the modeling chocolate on the cakes survive the heat? The Maryland Science Center has ordered a birthday cake, and Duff decides to make it in the shape of a dinosaur blowing out candles. The gang works out the specifics–which parts of the dinosaur will be rice krispies and which parts will be cake–and Duff takes the cake to the kids, who sing "Happy Birthday" to the dinosaur before digging in. The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., has a new building, and Duff has been asked to make a cake to kick off its grand opening. Duff decides to make two cakes for the event–a Peach Tree Cake, which combines cake and metal sculpture, and a Mendhi Cake, with intricate piping.
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