Season 2, Episode 6

Tributes and Tribulations

The Howard County Fire & Rescue is hosting its annual flag football charity event, and this year they have a special participant. The FDNY is sending a team for the first time since 9/11 (they lost several men at the WTC). As a show of thanks and support, the Howard County Fire & Rescue has ordered a special cake for the event: a replica of a fire truck with a special 9/11 flag suspended from the back. The Baltimore Theater Group is asking Duff to create a replica of Cinderella's carriage. Rachel Stahm is getting married, but she wants to surprise her mother on her wedding day. Her mother is fanatic for all things Egyptian, so Rachel is presenting her with a birthday cake on the day of the wedding that will look like an Egyptian cat statue with hyroglyphics. An additional cake is a three-tier sushi cake.
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