The Sweet Life: Duff and the Ace of Cakes Crew

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A New Take on Fast Food

Charm City Cakes baker Geof Manthorne looks on as owner Duff Goldman pretends to take a bite of a giant hamburger-hot dog combo cake. (Hold the ketchup and mustard.)

Where the Magic Happens

Duff and company's studio at Charm City Cakes Bakery

Out of the Kitchen ... and Onto the Couch

Duff takes a time-out from baking to chill and reflect.

Swept Off Her Feet

Ace of Cakes office manager Mary Alice Yeskey gets a lift from Duff and baker Geof Manthorne.

Did Alton Direct This Shot?

One large whisk + one scary-looking knife = Duff in an Iron Chef pose.

Charm City Cakes Trio

Owner and head baker Duff Goldman with baker Geof Manthorne and office manager Mary Alice Yeskey

Ear Plugs, Please

Being one of the best (and best-known) bakers in the business isn't all fun and games; the job has its stress. Not to worry, Duff knows how to vent.

To Sweet Success

The Charm City gang gathers for a celebratory moment with fresh-baked cupcakes.

Such a Charmer

Charm City Cakes owner and Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman

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