Regional Foods Face-Off Bracket Challenge Finalists

Food Network celebrates barbecue, tacos, pizza and ice cream – the four regional dish finalists in the America's Best Cook bracket challenge.

Celebrating the Regions

Four dishes, each representing a region on America's Best Cook, made it into Round 3 of our bracket challenge. In Round 2, you chose barbecue (South), tacos (West), pizza (East) and ice cream (North) as your favorite regional dishes. Here are Food Network's best recipes for these popular foods and where to find the top restaurants serving them.

Truly a Taste of the South

Barbecue won over all the other Southern offerings in the bracket challenge, and no wonder, when you've got succulent meat that's a true crowd-pleaser. Get Food Network's best barbecue recipes, 41 in all, including these baby back ribs.

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BBQ Road Trip

Food Network has done all the work for you and found the best barbecue joints across the country. Check out this guide before heading on the road.

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Upping the Ante with Tacos

As proven in the bracket challenge, tacos are a favorite dish with not just West Coasters, but everyone. Our FN chefs are no exception. Here are their favorite taco recipes and topping ideas to get you thinking about remixing taco night.  

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Tacos from Coast to Coast

Food Network Magazine discovered that chefs will stuff just about anything inside a taco shell, from mac and cheese to octopus. Here are the unique creations found in each state. It's time to get adventurous.

It's Not Delivery, It's Homemade

Pizza, whether it's ordered in or made-from-scratch, is a favorite American dish. Invented on the East Coast, pizza can now be found all over the world. But when you're craving it at home, there's no reason not to attempt making one yourself. Try this healthier version made with multigrain dough.

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Pizzas Across the Country

Go on Food Network Magazine's cross-country road trip to discover the best slice of pizza in each state. Round, square or stuffed, these pizzas run the gamut from classic to out-of-bounds.

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Make Ice Cream at Home

Ice cream rose to the top in the bracket, surpassing our savory options for the North and proving that most people can't resist a bowl – or cone – of it. Sunny Anderson shows how easy it is to make in the pages of FN Magazine. Her method modernizes the old-fashioned way with ice and salt, and doesn't require a machine.

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Ice Cream to the Next Degree

You should never find yourself limited to just chocolate, vanilla or strawberry as your ice cream flavor options. These ice cream shops from across the nation prove that it's possible to let your imagination run wild with flavors like salted caramel, Prosecco and roasted banana.

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