6 Amateur-Baker Moves, and Tips for Upping Your Game

Lorraine Pascale reveals the right and wrong ways to approach baking in the competition.

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Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

A Timely Approach

Fakers: Work slowly in the kitchen.

Bakers: Think and act quickly on their feet.

Careful Calculations

Fakers: Use measuring cups instead of weighing out their ingredients.

Bakers: Have all their ingredients and equipment out ready.

Ambitious and Adventurous

Fakers: Try to do too much at once.

Bakers: Work neatly.

Classic vs. Creative

Fakers: Take an ingredient and make something obvious with it.

Bakers: Take risks with their ingredients and not play it safe.

Purposeful Plating

Fakers: Put their food on a plate which is too small.

Bakers: Choose the right plates to serve their food.

Presentation Matters

Fakers: Present their food in a homey way.

Bakers: Present their food in a restaurant style.

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