Find the Restaurants Featured on Beach Eats USA: Boardwalk Bites

It's all about easy-to-eat favorites on the boardwalk, and Curtis' picks are no exception. Find out where he ate across the country.

Photo By: Simon Dale ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Simon Dale ©2015,Television Food Network,G.P. All Rights Reserved

Venice Whaler

There are hot dogs … and then there's The Spicy Street Dog. Not only is this meaty delight, featured at Venice Whaler on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, Calif., wrapped in bacon and fried, but it's also smothered with chili and finished with cool coleslaw and sliced jalapeno for an over-the-top punch of flavor. "You're not joking about spicy street dog," Curtis told the chef of the restaurant. "That really is spicy, sweet, delicious."  

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Turtle Kraals

What else would you expect from a spot named Turtle Kraals than turtle racing? This Key West, Fla., destination indeed offers this fan-favorite spectacle, but it's also known for its tacos, which self-described "taco freak" Curtis was eager to try. The Abuelo Tacos boast juicy chicken that's been marinated and slowly steamed inside banana leaves. "It's like this unbelievable mouthful," Curtis admits.

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Rudee's On the Inlet Restaurant and Cabana Bar

According to Curtis, the oysters Rockefeller at Rudee's On the Inlet Restaurant and Cabana Bar in Virginia Beach, Va., "can't be missed." Sourced from the Chesapeake Bay, these fresh oysters are topped with an especially rich mixture featuring tangy cream cheese, along with classic Rockefeller ingredients, like spinach and crispy bacon.

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