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From a towering seafood plate to cheesy fried green tomatoes, see where Curtis goes for the best waterfront eats in the country.

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Huntington Beach, Calif., may be known for being a surfing destination, but at Sandy's, located right by the water, it's all about the fresh food. The restaurant's Layered Seafood Cocktail features gently poached lobster and tender shrimp dressed up with bright citrus sauce, as well as a hearty topping of creamy avocado. After sampling the dish, Curtis offered a "word of warning" to fans: "If you're going to try this, you just have to be OK with the fact that you're never going to enjoy a shrimp cocktail again." 

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Skull Creek Boathouse

For Curtis, the success of the Fried Green Tomatoes with Goat Cheese at Skull Creek Boathouse in Hilton Head, S.C., is as much about their over-the-top flavor as it is the dish's texture. "You've got layers of crunchiness," he said, explaining the combined bite of the golden tempura-style batter atop the tomatoes as well as the tomatoes themselves. These green beauties are slathered with rich goat cheese before they're fried, so when you slice into them, the cheese is soft and warm.

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Bimini Bob's

Similar to classic oysters Rockefeller but made with a slightly Southern flair, the Oysters ala Bama from Bimini Bob's in Orange Beach, Ala., feature a base of mustard and turnip greens instead of the usual spinach, plus crispy bacon, a buttery lime sauce and a topping of gooey cheese. "Beautiful," said Curtis after sampling the dish. 

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