Winning Desserts from Best Baker in America Season 2

Take a look at the sweet treats that were the judges' top picks.

Pretty and Petite - Episode 1 Skills Challenge

Adam Young won the competition’s first Skills Challenge with his Amaretto Chocolate Petit Fours that were beautifully designed and delicious. “It’s buttery. It’s silky. It’s smooth. It’s crunchy. It is that perfect bite,” said judge Jason Smith.

Snake Cake Stunner - Episode 1 Master Challenge

Max Santiago came out the gate with a mind-bending snake cake that absolutely won over the judges. It featured a vanilla rum-soaked yellow cake with an extreme vanilla buttercream. Jason proclaimed, “This is a Best Baker in America cake.”

Masterful Mousse Cake - Episode 2 Skills Challenge

This Guava and Cream Cheese Mousse from Max hit all the right marks. Judge Marcela Valladolid noted the dessert’s silky, smooth texture and called it “an absolute wedding dessert.”

A Tower of Perfection - Episode 2 Master Challenge

With his classic French training, Jean-Francois Suteau made this Master Challenge seem like a piece of cake. His Mimosa Choux and Champagne Raspberry Macaron Tower was described as “gorgeous” by Marcela, who praised its presentation.

Strawberry Shortcake, Reimagined - Episode 3 Skills Challenge

Lasheeda Perry absolutely knocked it out of the park with her Strawberry Shortcake with Lemon Basil Sauce. She was praised for her avant-garde plating, along with the flavor of her biscuits. Marcela said it was “[the] best strawberry shortcake you’ve ever had in your life.”

It’s All in the Details - Episode 3 Master Challenge

Adam is no amateur when it comes to technique. In Week 3, he wowed the judges with a contemporary Crème Brûlée with Lime and Mint Soufflé Glacé that captured the essence of summer. “The brûlée [is] rich, it’s creamy, it’s balanced,” Marcela said.

An Upscale Boston Cream Pie - Episode 4 Skills Challenge

Once again, Adam showcased his advanced baking skills with a Pistachio Crusted Boston Cream Pie. Marcela noted the dessert as “perfection in my mouth.”

The Big Apple - Episode 4 Master Challenge

Becca Craig came out as the winner of Week 4 with her Apple Bourbon New York Cheesecake Pie. She captured the feature flavor with an apple compote at the base of her pie, which the judges absolutely loved. Jason said, “Honey, you hit it on the head.”

Fresh and Frutti - Episode 5 Skills Challenge

Adam redeemed himself from the cheesecake debacle of Week 4 to win this Skills Challenge with his Tutti Frutti Meringue Pie. The dessert featured flavors of mango, passionfruit, pineapple and lime. One bite into the treat and Marcela said, “I really just want to be left alone so I can eat this whole thing.”

First Time’s A Charm - Episode 5 Master Challenge

Lasheeda won her first Master Challenge after making her first-ever marjolaine. She combined the feature flavor of raspberries with hazelnuts and chocolate ganache, leaving the judges in awe. “If I was on an island and had to eat something for the rest of my life, your dessert is what I would pick,” Jason said.

A Marvelous Mont Blanc - Episode 6 Skills Challenge

Jean-Francois took a chance with his Mont Blanc by replacing the traditional pâté sucrée with a chestnut financier, and that risk paid off. The judges loved the presentation and flavors of his dessert, which included a chestnut Chantilly cream and blackberry-cassis jam. Marcella note, “It’s absolutely delicious. […] All around, this is really flavorful.”

"Super Bon" Charlotte Royale - Episode 6 Master Challenge

Jean-Francois also won the Master Challenge in Week 6 with his Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly Charlotte Royale. He served up a stunning presentation by keeping his Swiss rolls tightly together and finishing the dessert with an eye-catching chocolate flower. Guest judge Florian Bellanger said the flavor of the cake was "super bon [good]."

A Sensational Sachertorte - Episode 7 Skills Challenge

The judges were pleasantly surprised and pleased with Adam’s preparation of a Lavender Ganache Sachertorte. Jason praised Adam for not letting the lavender overpower the dessert and pointed out his excellent chocolate work.

And The Winner Is… - Episode 7 Master Challenge

Adam claimed the title of Best Baker in America with his finale dessert, a Passion Fruit Caramel Chocolate Cake. Jason called the dessert “a chocolate showpiece” with its eye-catching design and rich flavors.