Get the First Look at Bobby's Dinner Battle

Take a sneak peek at the first season of Food Network's Bobby's Dinner Battle with host, Bobby Flay, and teams of top home cooks from across the country. Tune in to the premiere Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 10pm/9c.

Shopping for Supplies

Bobby Flay greets the teams in a local grocery store where he presents them with their first challenge.

Prep Work

Not wasting any time, Brad gets to work prepping a tray full of ripe tomatoes — these juicy beauties will eventually be a featured element of his team's menu.

Constructive Criticism

After enjoying Hogan and Judy's dinner party, Bobby shares his thoughts on their menu and presentation with the team.

Coveted Prize

Bobby and guest judge, Merrill Shindler, pose with a bottle of bubbly and the trophy for the winning team of the Los Angeles Dinner Battle.

Staying Organized

Trying to keep focused and remain efficient, Marc Sievers and Ryan Sievers discuss possible menu items and plans for their themed bash.

At Home With Bobby

In the midst of preparing for battle, Doris and John Kamys receive a special visitor: host Bobby Flay.