Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner: The Restaurants

San Diego: Breakfast

For breakfast, Melissa d'Arabian hops into line at this popular downtown San Diego bakery for a bacon-topped maple bar or a split doughnut stuffed with strawberries and cream.

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San Diego: Lunch

After a lunch of tacos with fillings like beer-marinated pork, seared line-caught tuna and lobster, steal Melissa's tip and have the fruit-salad appetizer for dessert.

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San Diego: Dinner

For dinner, Melissa drops in on star chef Richard Blais for local seafood and the legendary Yodel dessert, made with chocolate devil's food cake.

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Phoenix: Breakfast

Beau MacMillan starts strong at this diner near Arizona State University, where the Bloody Mary comes garnished with a miniature hamburger and fried chicken is served with red velvet waffles.

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Phoenix: Lunch

Beau dives into lunch sandwiches packed with fillings like slow-cooked roast beef, and eggplant Parmesan.

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Phoenix: Dinner

Beau ends his ideal day of Phoenix dining with a bistro-style dinner at Christopher's, including wine-braised boudin noir and a chocolate mousse tower.

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Los Angeles: Breakfast

When in Los Angeles, Simon Majumdar starts his day with a bagel at this old-fashioned deli in the heart of Beverly Hills.

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Los Angeles: Lunch

Simon spices up his midday meal with fiery Thai dishes at Jitlada in Hollywood, eating Morning Glory Salad and the famous Crying Tiger Pork. 

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Los Angeles: Dinner

Simon caps a day in Los Angeles with dinner and drinks at this downtown restaurant, which earns raves for its Oxtail Agnolotti.

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San Francisco: Breakfast

Though this SoMa pub serves excellent food all day long, Elizabeth Falkner likes to start her ideal San Francisco day here with a full English breakfast.

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San Francisco: Lunch

This Mission patisserie is Elizabeth's favorite noontime haunt for its unique breads and pastries, like a Thanksgiving-inspired turkey toaster pastry and a quince-cappuccino eclair.

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San Francisco: Dinner

Elizabeth heads to this Italian restaurant in Pacific Heights for beautifully plated dishes that she likens to an edible "amusement park." 

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Austin: Breakfast

Aaron Franklin kicks off his days with barbacoa tacos and fresh juice at the alfresco Veracruz All Natural. 

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Austin: Lunch

The Brisket Sandwich at The Hightower reminds Aaron of his grandmother's cooking, which helps make it the ideal midday meal stop.

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Austin: Dinner

Named for its setting — a former laundromat — this spunky diner is Aaron's favorite place to unwind. 

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Miami: Breakfast

Fruit is the name of the game at Michelle Bernstein's childhood-favorite breakfast spot. She starts with punch and a bowl of tropical fruit salad.

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Miami: Lunch

Michelle loves the fresh, wild-caught fish, shrimp and octopus ceviches at this local chain, which are marinated in hand-squeezed citrus.

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Miami: Dinner

Michelle loves this Miami Beach trattoria for its ultra-fresh seafood, crisp snap-pea salad and hearty pastas.

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Atlanta: Breakfast

G. Garvin loves the family focus at this lively cafe, where he stops in the mornings for roasted garlic grits and biscuits with peppery, creamy gravy that he says is "truly Georgia gravy." 

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Atlanta: Lunch

The Painted Pin could coast on its 20 bowling lanes, darts, pop-up basketball and excellent draft beers, but G. says that it's also "an incredible place for food," including waffle dogs, pizza, ranch-dusted pork rinds and a burger that he calls "righteous." 

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Atlanta: Dinner

This Mediterranean restaurant sets a standard for fresh seafood, including its renowned, can't-miss grilled octopus. 

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New Orleans: Breakfast

This neighborhood-centric coffee shop specializes in local, healthy morning meals, including multigrain breakfast sandwiches and virtuous green juice.

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New Orleans: Lunch

Regulars like John Besh never consult the menu at this storied lunchtime institution, which specializes in locally sourced French-Creole cuisine, including Poisson Meunière Amandine and a potent Sazerac.

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New Orleans: Dinner

This hip Bywater Chinese restaurant is John's choice for a place to unwind, preferably over crisp Crawfish Rangoon and a platter of General Lee's Chicken.

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