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A Shrek Spectacular 3 Videos

Watch as baker Jennifer creates an over-the-top offering of Shrek and his pals.

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How to Make Boiled Icing 32 Videos

Light and fluffy, this old-school topping was the O.G. frosting for red velvet cake, one competitor explained.

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Season 4, Episode 2

Wonder Woman

It's the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman and Cake Wars is joining the party! Four bakers will face the golden Lasso of Truth from our judges, but only one cake will be chosen as the centerpiece of a party celebrating the iconic hero's birthday and take home $10,000. Nicola Scott, Wonder Woman comic book artist, joins the judging panel.

May 28
8am | 7c

Meet the Judges

Together with weekly guests, esteemed judges Richard Ruskell and Waylynn Lucas will be on hand to constructively critique the cake competitors after each round of battle.

About the Host

Jonathan Bennett

Though his striking good looks may have made Jonathan Bennett an object of affection for the “plastics” in Mean Girls, his talent and commitment are what have led to his becoming one of the most-sought-after young actors in Hollywood.

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