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Best Bites from PrairieFest — Carnival Cravings

Check out photos of all the epic food Anthony sampled in Oswego, Ill.
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A New Twist on Tradition

For over 25 years, thousands of people have celebrated summery food and fun in the village of Oswego, Ill. at PrairieFest. While you can find new takes on classics like roasted corn and grilled cheese, you're always sure to find comfort food. "You'll find nothing but Midwestern carnival goodness here," Anthony said. 
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Greek Grilled Cheese — Greek Delights

The classic grilled cheese gets the Greek treatment with Kefalotyri cheese — a variety that's firm enough to put right on the grill. The cheese gets grilled and then flambeed in brandy before it's stuffed into a pita with fresh Greek fixings. "The only thing better than cheese is cheese on fire," Anthony said.

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Pop Cone — Page's Popcorn and Favors

It doesn't take much to make a Pop Cone, but it sure does make for a mouthwatering combination. There's popcorn, chocolate, butter and marshmallows — in other words, "the ingredients for a party in my mouth," as Anthony said.

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Chicago Crab Dog — Cape May Crab Cake Factory

This East Coast business quickly spread to the Chicago market by combining crab cakes with one of the city's most-beloved foods: the Chicago dog. It starts with a specially formed crab cake and gets topped off with celery salt, dill pickle, tomato, peppers, coleslaw, corn salsa and chipotle remoulade. 

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