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How Sharp Are Your Chops?
Season 2, Episode 3

Beer Bedlam

Delicious ideas are brewing during the clash of the sandwiches, as professional and amateur cooks must utilize beer in their handheld masterpieces. Then, in round two, the surprise ingredient of muffins challenges the contestants to avoid a crummy result. It's up to judges Marc Murphy and Daphne Oz to determine who's a pro and who's an average Joe!

May 23
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 11

Tailgate Takedown

Game day comes to the kitchen, as cooks kick off the competition by having to tackle sliders while incorporating tailgate snacks. In round two, the end zone is in sight, as judges Eddie Jackson and Daphne Oz decide who comes out on top when the pros and amateurs cook with pizza toppings.

May 30
4am | 3c
Season 4, Episode 10

Cajun Nation

In round one, the cooks and cons churn out great dishes for judges Jordan Andino and Alex Guarnaschelli with butter-infused jambalayas. Then, round two is buzzing with excitement when the judges can't bee-lieve who the pros and amateurs are after watching them make their best dishes with honey.

Jun 6
4am | 3c
Season 5, Episode 13

The Whole Enchilada

In round one, the cooks and cons must create their best enchilada dishes incorporating cereal to win over host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gail Simmons. In the second round, the judges continue to stalk out the contestants' true identities when choosing who made the best dish using celery.

Jun 13
4am | 3c
Season 2, Episode 2

Surf and Turf Showdown

Professional chefs and home cooks compete through a sticky situation, when the surf and turf challenge must utilize syrup as the surprise ingredient. Then, will the amateurs crumble in round two trying to work chips into a winning dish? Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Daphne Oz attempt to sift out the chefs from the pretenders!

Jun 20
4am | 3c
Season 1, Episode 1

Burger Battle

Professional chefs and home cooks compete for cash in this high stakes burger battle, as judges Graham Elliot and Daphne Oz try to separate the pros from the amateurs. After a shocking elimination, the remaining competitors must cook their best dishes using tropical fruit.

Jun 27
4am | 3c
Season 4, Episode 1

Gone Bananas

The pros and amateurs try not to slip up when given bananas to pair with pork chops in the first round. Then, in round two, Anne Burrell and Daphne Oz realize it's not day at the park when they must decide who did the best job of incorporating picnic salads into their dish.

Jul 3
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 8

Crantastic Quesadillas!

The contestants are toast unless they can create succulent quesadillas from a tart surprise ingredient, cranberries. Then, judges Scott Conant and Daphne Oz can't waffle on their decision in round two, as pros and amateurs must use waffles on the way to winning the big cash prize.

Jul 10
4am | 3c
Season 5, Episode 5

High Steaks

In round one, the cooks and cons try to get on the gravy train by creating chicken fried steak dishes with peas. Then, in round two, host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Beau MacMillan and Daphne Oz go nuts attempting to grind out the pros and cons after they are challenged with using pecans in their dishes.

Jul 17
4am | 3c
Season 2, Episode 4

Pancake Pandemonium

The playing field is flattened during the pancake challenge, as pros and amateurs alike must decide how to incorporate onions into their dishes. Judges Scott Conant and Alex Guarnaschelli are tasked with awarding the prize to the tastiest creation, despite the surprise ingredient of grapes that will leave one contestant feeling sweet and others sour.

Jul 24
4am | 3c
Season 1, Episode 2

Cookie Crumble

The cooks and cons try not to crumble during one of the most difficult challenges yet: incorporating cookies into a classic meat and potatoes dish! Then, it really gets nutty when the competitors show off what they can do in round two with the surprise ingredient of nuts. It's up to judges Josh Elkin and Graham Elliot to decide who they think is a pro cook and who's just a con!

Jul 31
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 10

Salad Bar Blowout

Cooks peruse their options as salad bar toppings must be deftly sauteed into shrimp scampi variations. Then, judges Jeff Mauro and Daphne Oz need a pick-me-up in round two, and the surprise ingredient of coffee does the trick.

Aug 7
4am | 3c
Season 2, Episode 6

Shrimp and Grits Gridiron

Judges Richard Blais and Daphne Oz know their shrimp and grits, but do they know how to tell a cook from a con? Working chefs and home cooks hide their identity as bacon makes a glorious appearance in the first round. In round two, the remaining contestants put their skills to the test in the battle of the cherries. The taste of defeat may be tart, but the winner gets a huge cash prize with a cherry on top!

Aug 14
4am | 3c
Season 5, Episode 4

Open Sesame

The cooks and cons all vie to be the top seed in round one as host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Beau MacMillan and Aarti Sequeira try and determine who best fused sesame into the New Orleans classic po' boy. In round two, the remaining contestants aren't too sad about cooking their best with blue cheese for a $10,000 prize.

Aug 21
4am | 3c
Season 4, Episode 12

Taco Tug-o-War

The cooks and cons are all vying to reel in the win while making fish tacos with pastries in the first round. Then, judges Daphne Oz and Gail Simmons have the wurst time sussing out the pros and amateurs in round two, but ultimately link up to decide who made the best dish incorporating sausage.

Aug 28
4am | 3c
Season 2, Episode 1

Doughnut Derby

Heavyweight chefs battle it out with amateur cooks for a big cash prize as judges Scott Conant and Daphne Oz attempt to separate the cooks from the cons! The lasagna challenge is layered with twists, as contestants must incorporate the surprise ingredient: condiments. Then, round two keeps rolling as the surprise ingredient doughnuts has the remaining cooks colliding between sweet and savory.

Sep 4
4am | 3c
Season 5, Episode 10

Ballpark BBQ

Host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Daphne Oz and Marcus Samuelsson throw the cooks and cons a curve ball in round one by tasking them with fusing corn and hot dogs. After one contestant strikes out, the remaining contestants continue to round two in hopes of making their best dish incorporating barbecue.

Sep 11
4am | 3c
Season 3, Episode 3

Apple Apocalypse

Pro and amateur cooks let their passions boil over during the pasta challenge, as Asian condiments must be used to achieve umami bliss. In round two, judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Jet Tila eat sinfully delicious savory apple dishes before choosing a winner.

Sep 18
4am | 3c
Season 1, Episode 6

Candy Clash

Professional chefs and amateur cooks are challenged to show off their skills by preparing a pasta dish with the surprise ingredient of corn. Then, the competitors aren't too sweet on the notion of incorporating the surprise ingredient of candy into their second round entrees. Judges Graham Elliot and Daphne Oz must figure out who's a pro and who's just faking it!

Sep 25
4am | 3c

About the Show

Geoffrey Zakarian hosts the next generation of cooking competition, a battle which asks the ultimate question: could a talented home cook beat a pro, or does a true professional have skills that no amateur could match? With a level playing field, and no one knowing which cook is which, only a blind taste test will prove who has the best dish. At the end of two rounds, the cook or con that is victorious will take home a $10,000 prize.

About the Host

Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian, a master of modern American cuisine, has presided over some of the country’s top kitchens in the past 25 years. Currently, Geoffrey is chef/partner at The Lambs Club and The National in New York City as well as at The Water Club at Borgata in Atlantic City.

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