Geoffrey's 5 Essential Tips for Baking a Successful Souffle

Get Geoffrey Zakarian's top-rated recipe for a decadent chocolate souffle, and learn his expert tips for executing it at home.

Chocolate Souffle

There's a reason GZ's fan-favorite souffle has garnered a 5-star rating: It's richly decadent and endlessly impressive when served to guests. Though this souffle is an easy dessert to prepare, it helps to know a few secrets for the best results. Read on below to learn Geoffrey's best advice.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Souffle

Preheat Your Oven

This ensures the souffle will start cooking as soon as it's moved to the oven.

Start with Room-Temperature Egg Whites

It's easier for room-temperature eggs to expand, which is what you need for the souffle to grow and rise as it bakes, Geoffrey notes.

Give the Egg Whites a Boost

According to Geoffrey, "if you put a touch of salt, vinegar or cream of tartar [in the batter], it will help" the egg whites expand.

Line the Ramekins with Butter and Sugar

It's helpful to grease the inside of the ramekin so the souffle batter doesn't stick, which would ultimately prevent it from rising.

Don't Open the Oven During Baking

"It takes [about] 16 minutes to make a souffle, and at 12 or 14 minutes you’re going to look at it like it’s not working. But then in the last two minutes, it goes up," explains Geoffrey.

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