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Geoffrey's 5 Essential Tips for Baking a Successful Souffle

Get Geoffrey Zakarian's top-rated recipe for a decadent chocolate souffle, and learn his expert tips for executing it at home.

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Chocolate Souffle

There's a reason GZ's fan-favorite souffle has garnered a 5-star rating: It's richly decadent and endlessly impressive when served to guests. Though this souffle is an easy dessert to prepare, it helps to know a few secrets for the best results. Read on below to learn Geoffrey's best advice.

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Preheat Your Oven

This ensures the souffle will start cooking as soon as it's moved to the oven.

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Start with Room-Temperature Egg Whites

It's easier for room-temperature eggs to expand, which is what you need for the souffle to grow and rise as it bakes, Geoffrey notes.

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Give the Egg Whites a Boost

According to Geoffrey, "if you put a touch of salt, vinegar or cream of tartar [in the batter], it will help" the egg whites expand.

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