Cupcake Wars: On-Set Cupcakes

Browse seven cupcakes used as backdrops on the Cupcake Wars set.

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Scenic Cupcake Collection

Whether it's modern flavor or vintage deliciousness you crave, this array of gorgeous sweet treats is sure to satisfy your every cupcake craving.

The Old-Fashioned

These delectable cupcake treats feature a bourbon dark chocolate cake with whipped cream filling, topped with vanilla bean frosting, white chocolate sprinkles — and a cherry garnish.

Vanilla Pink Sprinkle

This kid-friendly cupcake, filled with luscious whipped cream, is topped with pink vanilla buttercream frosting and classic multi-colored sprinkles.

Orange Sugar

This yellow-cake treat is filled with tangy custard, orange-blossom butter frosting and topped with orange sprinkles for that classic cupcake aesthetic.

Green Flower Swirl

This German chocolate cake sports a chocolate cream center, topped with green vanilla buttercream and a flower fondant decoration.

Chocolate Pink

This moist cupcake is filled with chocolate ganache, topped with a pink buttercream and dusted with sanding sugar for added taste and texture.

Blackberry Passion Fruit

This tangy yellow cake is filled with passion-fruit puree, decorated with a blackberry buttercream frosting and topped with a fresh blackberry.

Black & White

Take your pick with these classic black and white cupcakes. One is a dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla custard, topped with vanilla bean buttercream. The other is a vanilla cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with dark chocolate buttercream.