Photos: Tour the Set of Cutthroat Kitchen

Browse insider photos of the pantry and kitchen where three rounds of diabolical battles unfold for every episode.

Behind the Scenes

Click through the gallery to see exclusive snapshots of the pantry, peek inside the refrigerators, and check out the myriad pieces of tools and utensils available to Cutthroat Kitchen competitors in each round of cooking.

Welcome to the Pantry

Inside the double-doored alcove is where contestants must help themselves to all of the ingredients they're going to need in a single round of cooking. Little do they know that most of the quality items will be stolen from them in exchange for sabotages.

Close Quarters

The shoulder-to-shoulder shopping seen on TV during the competition isn't an exaggeration: Space is a premium inside the pantry, and contestants are forced to maneuver each other if they want to grab all of the necessary products within the allotted time.

Smart Shopping

The pantry is organized in such a way that expected ingredients are grouped together, like several different varieties of potatoes, bell peppers and squash.

Produce Pickings

The fruit and vegetable offerings encompass all available space in the refrigerator, as berries, lettuces, mushrooms and beets line the shelves. Katie Allen, the Cutthroat Kitchen culinary producer, says that each week her team accepts 43 boxes of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Milky Must-Haves

Think of this as the dairy aisle in the pantry. From sour cream and Mexican crema to creme fraiche and ricotta, chefs are offered nearly every available cream, milk and cheese they'll need.

Going Green

Cilantro, dill, mint and oregano are just a few of the herbs available, and like the creams, there are individual bags of each, so each contestant can claim one for him or herself.

Spices and Spirits

From garlic powder and crushed red pepper to sea salt flakes and sesame seeds, plus bourbon, red and white wines, and stout beer, contestants have access to dozens of spices and liqueurs, so there's no excuse for bland food — except a sabotage, perhaps.

Sweet Additions

Signature Cutthroat Kitchen labels adorn the packages of baking staples, like granulated sugar, all-purpose flour and baking powder, of which there are four of each so that each chef is guaranteed access.

Bright Flavors

Just beyond the doors of the pantry are these shelves of citrus, as well as a few potted plants for decoration.

Flatware of Every Kind

According to Allen, there are "27 varieties of plates, 16 varieties of bowls, 9 different types of glasses, and 21 different types of small dipping bowls, plates and spoon options" flanking the back wall of the kitchen.

Take Your Pick

Allen says that there are no fewer than 86 pots and pans, including "stainless, nonstick, cast iron and Dutch ovens," and there are enough so that each chef has access to one of each. 

Products Aplenty 

From tiny tart pans and sushi mats to everyday can openers and a smoking gun, the equipment ranges from classic to creative on this overflowing table of goods.

Heat Effects

There's a single salamander and microwave oven in the arena, but the worktables are lined with plenty of bowls and tools to go around.

Powerful Gear

The culinary crew was thinking in fours when it came to heavy machinery. They needed to outfit the arena with quadruple stand mixers, blenders and food processors — one for each chef.

Take Your Pick

Not to be forgotten in the far corner of the kitchen is a towering shelf stacked with both common and potentially unexpected equipment, including meat grinders and a meat slicer, salad spinners and a pasta maker.

Evilicious Wisdom

If you've never had a chance to make out the phrases on the chalkboard of the kitchen, now is your chance. "Win at all costs" and "Trust no one" are just a few key pieces of sage advice for the contestants.

Behind the Action

Just on the other side of the pantry is this sturdy piece of construction holding up the walls of the set. 

See-Through Shopping

To make sure that cameras can capture every angle of contestants' shopping sprees, the wall behind the condiment and dry good shelves is cut out.

Spotlight On: Sabotage

On set there's no forgetting that Cutthroat is ultimately a fierce fight, thanks to this no-nonsense spotlight illuminating the title.

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