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On Eating America, Anthony visited the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival in Wilmington, Del.

Fight to the Top

Wilmington, Del., is the home of the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival, which draws in about 40,000 dessert lovers every year. While guests are busy discovering all the fest has to offer, Anthony gets the day started by showing off his fighting skills.

Hot Fudge Fanatics

The classics are always available here, but this festival also boasts some pretty unique frozen creations, nine of which will be entered into the "Sundae on Sunday" contest for a chance to be called the best — not to mention bragging rights and this shiny trophy.

From the Cow to the Cone

Known as the Moo Crew, Melinda Litvinas and Jen Rodammer haven't cut any corners for their third year in the competition. Their Carnival Cardiac-Craze Sundae includes everything from caramel-bacon popcorn to their locally sourced homemade maple ice cream with caramel swirl and pecan praline.

Ice Cream Enthusiast

Ted Brackin is going into his third year at the competition and has been perfecting his recipe for some time now. "We're going to have some bananas Foster in there — we're lighting some stuff on fire. Together with our homemade waffle cone and homemade caramel-bourbon sauce, it's untouchable," he says.

So Good It Shouldn't Be Legal

Anthony Meloro has created what he calls "Crown-Vic," a bacon sundae that has everyone talking. With ice cream, bacon, hot fudge, whipped cream and walnuts, it needs no extra frills. But just in case, they serve it inside of a plastic pig riding a miniature police cruiser.

Ice Cream Dreams

Ice cream is practically in the veins of competitor Maduri Parikh. "In India, my dad and I would go every night after dinner and grab an ice cream," she says. It inspired her to create something different, a "Nitro Cream" that's flash-frozen to order with liquid nitrogen. Oh, and she serves it inside of a cake.

Sundae Fun-Day

One of the judges is expecting lots of natural ingredients, while another wants something savory. However, they agree on one thing: "It has to be creative, but it still has to have the essence of a sundae — that certain decadence," one judge says.

The Moo Crew Takes the Title

The title of Best Sundae on Sunday went to the Moo Crew, Jen Rodammer and Melinda Litvinas, for their Carnival Cardiac-Craze dessert. After adding in a deep-fried sandwich cookie and funnel cake on top, Melinda can say only one thing about her win: "I feel excited!"

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