Everyday Italian Set List

Find some of the appliances and kitchen equipment featured on the Everyday Italian set.

Main Set Dishware:
Armani Casa
157 N. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Items in background cupboards in kitchen: dark and olive colored plates, blue and purple tinted glasses, small crystal glasses, 3" small clay bowls in dark brown, various white dinner bowls; rectangular and square serving dishes. Linens, throws and pillows were also provided for some eating scenes and show intros.

R. Wood
450 Georgia Drive
Athens,GA 30605
Items in background cupboards in kitchen as well as on set: standard sized dinner plates and salad plates; 4", 6" and 8" bowls; large oval serving plates, and large round serving bowls. Colors are earthy tones of blue, green and brown, as well as shades of tan, clay and red clay. R Wood's dishware is all handcrafted by local artisans in Athens, Ga. Visit their website for more products.

Luna Garcia
201 San Juan Ave
Venice, CA 90291
Items in background cupboards in kitchen: large, oval serving dishes in pastel shades of yellow, red, and green; pastel yellow cups; standard sized dinner and salad plates in pastel shades of blue yellow, red and green; square serving dishes as well as medium sized serving bowls in pastel shades of yellow, red, green and chocolate; large wide-mouthed vase in yellow. Luna Garcia is located in Venice, CA and all items are handcrafted.

Mud Australia: Visit www.mudaustralia.com for more information.

La Cafetiere: 160 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY, call 646-486-0667 or go online at www.la-cafetiere.com.

Vietri: 919-732-5933 or visit the website at www.vietri.com

Nicole Fahri: 10 East 60th Street, New York, NY or call (212-223-8811. Visit the website at www.nicolefarhi.com.

Davistudio: 486 Pratt Hill Road, Chatham, NY 12037 or call 518-392-7308 or go online to www.davistudio.com.

Tortoise sells the thick white cake plate without the stand, and the nesting white ceramic bowls with wavy edges. The store is located at 1208 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA. Call 310-314-8448 for more information.

Pillivuyt USA Inc. manufactures the porcelain cake stands, porcelain servers, and mugs. Write to the company at 6117 Blue Circle Drive, Suite 190, Minnetonka, MN 55343 or call 952-938-1672. Visit the company website at www.pillivuytus.com.

De Renaudin makes the fine bone-handled cutlery/utensils. Visit the company's website at www.derenaudin.com for more information.

The pink cake stands, green mixing bowls, and the Julia tableware: oval platters and large round bowl (wavy edge light yellow/cream) and the baby blue dinner plates (wavy edge), are designed by Emile Henry and can be ordered through Martha Stewart's website. Visit Martha Stewart online at www.marthastewart.com or place an order by calling 800-950-7130. For the catalog for Living customer care, please email customercare@marthastewart.com or call 800-950-7130.

Simon Pearce makes square-shaped small glass pitchers with handle (used for Bellini fruit purees). Call 877-452-7763 or go online at www.simonpearce.com for more information.

NapaStyle makes large oversize wood bowl/boat and rustic narrow wooden bread holders. Write to 125 Mezzetta Ct., American Canyon, CA, call 866-776-1600 or go online at www.napastyle.com for more information.

Emile Henry manufactures the nesting mixing bowl set (mint green on outside, white inside), 8" Artisanal Emile Henry Square Baking Dish (Caramel color), Ridged lasagna pan (13 x 10") , ridged oval baker (10 x 14") -- ivory color. Visit the company's website at www.emilehenry.com for more information.

Bahari makes the porcelain free form square bowl (3-size white/pale blue set), teakwood sushi tray (8"x 10.4"), rosewood bowl in round shape (7" x 3"), rosewood bowl curved lip shape (5"x5") , rosewood condiment dish plus mini spoons (set of 4), rosewood oblong tray, medium (18"x4"), rosewood oblong tray, and large (20" x 5"). Write to the company at 1004 Revere Avenue, #B-17, San Francisco, CA 94124 or call 415-671-3777 for more information. Visit the company's website at www.bahari.com.

Libbey produces the rectangular and square glass canisters which hold pastas and grains glass top, NON metal top, the 16oz. Zolex glass canisters with plastic lids, 4.5 oz. glass spice jars. Write to: Libbey Inc. Attn: Corporate Communications Manager, P.O. Box 10060, 300 Madison Avenue, Toledo, OH 43699-0060. For general inquiries call 419-325-2100, for consumer inquires: 888-794-8469. Visit the company's website at www.libbey.com.


Various small white dishes and small olive wood bowls are sold by Le Sanctuaire. For more product information visit the store at 2710 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 or call 310-581-8999.

The olive oil glass bottles are pouring spout for bottles sold by O&Co. Visit the company website at http://www.oliviersandco.com for more information.

Riedel makes the O Wine Tumbler (these are the stemless wine glasses). Visit the company website: www.riedel.com for more information.

Le Creuset manufactures the white ramekins (for holding salt and for baking), large baking dishes (13 by 9) and screw pull wine opener. For more product information call toll-free 800-650-9866 or go online to www.lecreuset.com.

De Renaudin makes the fine bone-handled cutlery/utensils. Visit the company's website at www.derenaudin.com for more information.

Antique dish rack and antique wine glasses with etched designs (often used for desserts) sold by Bountiful, 1335 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 9029. Call 310-450-3620 for more information.

Glass Spice Jars purchased from Fishs Eddy in NYC. This store sells surplus items only.

Rosanna makes the set of 4 ceramic cupcake cups, set of 4 ceramic footed bowls (pastel colors). Write the company at 440 South Holgate Street, Seattle, WA 98134. For more information call toll-free at 866-rosanna or visit the website at www.rosannainc.com.

Thermoses produce the light and compact food jar (red color). Check the company website for more information www.thermos.com or call 877-419-8272.

Dark Brown Peppermill with Chrome Ring, and Ridged Peppermill, product name: Alex natural bubinga wood, is sold at Le Sanctuaire, 2710 Main Street Santa Monica, CA. For more information about this product call 310-581-8999 or visit the store at www.le-sanctuaire.com.

Vic Firth manufactures pepper grinders (in cherry stain and mahogany stain). Write to Vic Firth Incorporated 77 High Street, Newport, ME 04953, call toll-free 800-894-5970 or go online at www.vicfirthgourmet.com for more information.

Vietri sells the Cucina Fresca dinnerware, canisters, and baking dishes (all the cream, sage, yellow color ceramic ware, little tasting dishes, oval gratin dishes with the handles, coffee pot, creamer, butter dish, espresso cups, and ceramic strainer). The Ciocolata Dinnerware featured on the show are the chocolate colored dishes and the Paesano dinnerware and mugs are the yellow platters and mugs with design. The Chiaroscuro dinnerware and baking dishes are the black and gray ones. For more information on these products call toll-free 919-732-5933 or visit the website at www.vietri.com.

Global knives are manufactured by Yoshikin in Niigata, Japan. Visit www.globalknivesusa.com for more product information.

Another knife featured on the show is made by Furi Knives. These knives are manufactured by Furitechnics Pty Ltd. Located at 8 Ferry Road, (PO Box 5894), West End 4101, Queensland, Australia. Visit the company?s website at www.furitechnics.com.au for more product information.

OXO manufactures the vegetable peelers, can openers, metal and plastic spatulas, spaghetti ladle, and other gadgets that are used on the set. Plastic heads that are safe for non-stick surfaces. For information on these products, visit OXO International at 75 Ninth Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY, or call 800-545-4411. Visit the manufacturer's website at www.oxo.com.

Progressive International sells pastry brushes, oval metal measuring cups, pink and gray silicone-headed spatulas. For information on these products, visit Progressive International at 6111 South Street, Kent, WA 98032, or call toll-free at 800-426-7101. Or visit them online at www.progressiveintl.com.

Williams-Sonoma manufactures many of the products found on the set. Some of these products are the pink rubber spatulas, pink striped towels, Bialetti 9 cup stove top espresso maker, Silpat baking sheets (silicone based), round baking pans, round cookie cutters, pastry brushes, wood rolling pins, cooling racks, baking sheets, glass bowls, and mini blow torch. For more information on these products and more call 877-812-6235 or visit www.williams-sonoma.com.

Rosle carefully manufactures salad tongs, ice tongs, spaghetti tongs, pizza cutter, pastry wheel, cheese knives, swivel peelers, pastry knife, pie gateau server, salad dressing ladle, basting spoon, ladle with pouring rim, skimmers, spaghetti spoon, trout/asparagus slice, bar spoon, and ice cube scoop. Go online for more information at www.rosle.com/english.

Chef's Planet manufactures the black nonstick bakeliners and moisturizing hand soap. Call (602) 906-3600 or go online for more information.

Sur La Table sells the following products that are featured on the set: tart pans, microplane zesters, and measuring spoons. For more information regarding these products visit www.surlatable.com or call 800- 243-0852.

The Gourmet Standard products featured on the set are the serving flatware, tomato-shaped colanders, hand strainers, and non-stick springform pans. The store is located on 20003 89th Avenue South, Building G, Kent, Washington. To order any of these products you can call toll free at 866-462-1895 or visit the website, www.gourmetstandard.com.


The pots and pans are made by All Clad Metalcrafters. Stainless steel pots, sauté pans, braiser pans, pasta pots, large non-stick grill pan and large non-stick griddle (extends over two stove burners). Please visit the company website at www.all-clad.com or call 800-255-2523 for more information.

Le Creuset manufactures the enameled Cast Iron Pots, pans, grill pan and sandwich press, fondue pot (white and red colored pots and pans) and Screwpull Wine Opener. For more information on these products by Le Creuset, visit www.lecreuset.com or call 800-650-9866.

Chicago Metallic manufactures the bake pans, cooling grids, cookie sheets. Visit the company?s website at www.chicagometallic-bakeware.com for more information.

Viking Stove in Pastel Yellow & Outdoor Grills courtesy of Viking . Go online at www.vikingrange.com for further information.

Red and blue stand mixers, stainless food processors, and Pink and Red Blenders are a product of KitchenAid. The Pink Blenders are part of the Cook for the Cure program, sales of this blender generates donations to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Visit the company website at www.kitchenaid.com or call 1-800-541-6390 for countertop appliance information.

For more information on the Cuisinart hand mixer and food processors (red and green Waring blenders) call 800-326-6247 or go online at www.conair.com.

Dualit manufactures the chrome toaster featured on the show. For more product information or to purchase this product visit www.dualit.com.

Bialetti manufactures the stovetop espresso maker, stovetop cappuccino maker, ravioli press, pastry crimper, and metal pasta tongs. Bialetti is located at 9409 Buffalo Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. For more information call toll-Free at 800- 421-6290 or go online at www.bialetti.com.

The pink and red espresso maker is manufactured by FrancisFrancis! USA, Inc. You can write the company at Rt. 2, Box 133, 27 Garrison Woods Road, Garrison, NY 10524 or call 845-424-3016. Visit the company website at www.francisfrancis.com for more information.

The countertop (Smooth countertop) is manufactured by Caesarstone. The surface is champagne limestone 877-9 quartz. Go online for more detail information at www.caesarstoneus.com.


Ozark West manufactures the walnut wood cutting board, narrow walnut and cherry wood cutting boards, and the wooden spoons. The company is located at 10505 E. Glenn St., Tucson, AZ. For more information call 520-749-6846 or go online at www.ozarkwest.com.

Totally Bamboo makes the large parquet end grain Butcher Block in bamboo, small round butcher block in bamboo and the wood chopping bowl in bamboo. The company is located on 7360 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Unit B, North Hollywood, CA. For more information call 818-765-9000 or go online www.totallybamboo.com.

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil produced and sold by DaVero Sonoma, Inc., 1195 Westside Rd., Healdsburg, CA. Call toll-free at 888-431-8008 or visit the company online for more information at www.davero.com.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Pastas produced and sold by Academia Barilla, call 866-77-ACADEMIA or visit the website www.academiabarilla.com for more information.


Decorative Pillows and Throws used for Couch Set/Show Intros courtesy of Armani Casa. Visit www.armanicasa.com for more product info.

Some aprons and decorative pieces were also provided by Anthropologie. Visit their website at www.anthropologie.com.

Hable Construction Inc. manufactures some of the aprons, oven mitts, and pillows. Hable Construction Inc. is located at 230 Elizabeth Street, NY, NY. For production information call 212-343-8555 or visit them online at www.hableconstruction.com.

Please note that Food Network has no affiliation with any businesses or enterprises featured on the network and makes no representations, either express or implied, as to the goods, services, creditworthiness, and/or financial standing of those businesses.

Prop Stylist: Robin Turk (2005/2006 Season)

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