Extreme Cuisine Season 1 Photo Gallery

Thailand: Jeff helps prepare Moo Yaang Trang, the region's famous roasted pig cooked in underground ovens.

Thailand: Jeff goes digging for blood cockles, a type of clam.

Thailand: Jeff wearing a giant hat.

This is me and my Thai tour guide, Jon Prawinchikui. We're trekking through the jungles near the Myanmar border to cook up some freshly caught catfish from the Pai River. A lot less gangerous than it sounds; the folks there were incredible.

Greece: Jeff in Kakavia, a road border crossing between Albania and Greece.

Greece: Jeff taking a shot of Raki, an anise-flavored spirit popular as an aperitif in Greece and Turkey.  

I'm with Giannis (left) and Yorgo (right), two shepherds from the Amari Valley of Crete. We just finished a Malaka, a semi soft cheese, which tasted like a mozzarella. I literally could not stop eating that day.

Peter and I, in his orange groces outside the town of Elinko in the Peloponnese. Peter is the "man" in the area for making ami, or roasted lamb.

Mexico: Mexican Chiricocos.  

Mexico: Jeff with a Tehate drink.  

Mexico: Jeff chowing down on some head tacos.

I have a big smile because I'm drinking chocolate. I'm in Teotitlan de Valle in Oaxaca with my friend Zoyla, her aunt and her god mother. They whipped me up a chocolate atoli, an ancient drink made from cacao beans.

Lunchtime at Zoyla's and Senor Mendoza's in Teotitlan de Valle in Oaxaca. We're polishing off a pipian made from wasps and pumpkin seeds.

Morocco: Jeff at the scene of a car accident involving many, many watermelons.

Morocco: Jeff squeezing oil.

Morocco: Jeff holding a conger eel.

This is a roaster pigeon, and not from a park either. In Morocco, they're farm raised and are the main ingredient for the "bisteeya," or pigeon pie.

This is a moment I've waited 4 hours for. I'm pulling out a freshly roasted ram out  of a 500 degree earthen oven in a Berber village in the mountains of Morocco.