Season 1, Episode 2

Rappin' Restaurant

Melissa Maggiore wants to create some buzz around Tommy V's, the posh restaurant she and her brother Joey have just opened in Carlsbad, California. Melissa decides to invite all the town's movers and shakers to a VIP wine tasting complete with an delicious menu of fried zucchini blossoms, seafood risotto and lamb osso bucco. But Joey's idea leans more to the extravagant and he thinks a crazy TV commercial will create bigger buzz than a fancy dinner. So he secretly recruits his cousin Jimmy to help him create a rap video about Tommy V's. Knowing that Melissa will kill the commercial unless she sees that other people like it, Joey waits until the middle of the party to roll out a giant TV to play it for the honored guests. Is it a hit or a huge embarrassment
See Tune-In Times
The Grand Opening
VIPs (Very Important Parties)

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