Food Court Wars Season 1 Update

Find out how the Season 1 winners of Food Court Wars have been doing since opening their own food court eateries.

Mary Jo's Hot Tamales

The Jordans are thriving in Mississippi. Fans are still flocking to the restaurant, making pit stops at Mary Jo’s as they pass through town. The menu has also expanded to include other hit items such as burgers. Currently they are working on launching a website to sell their tamales and are in discussions with mall management to sign on for another year.

Tirado's Empanadas and More

The Tirado family continues to work at its new business, taking the first year as a great learning experience. Fans of the show love visiting the mall for their famous empanadas. Currently the Tirado family is hoping to open a brick-and-mortar location and is looking into franchise opportunities in Chicago.

Chip 'n' Wich

Chip 'n' Wich is thriving in Midland, Mich., and expansion might be on the horizon. The boys are currently looking at a standalone location in Detroit and have also been in talks about opening a second mall location. The business at their current location has been bright with very strong sales during the holiday season.

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Things are going well for the Pimento boys, who had a strong holiday season this past year after a weaker fall. They've learned a lot since winning and have refined their business since then, making it stronger by the day. Part of their business has shifted to office and event catering and they're looking forward to getting more clients in the summer.

Casual Joe's

Due to slow sales and a sleepy community, Casual Joe’s decided to close their doors in December. Tyler is currently looking to launch the concept again closer to his restaurant.

Holy City Pizzeria

Topher and Kacie are now happily married. The pair returned to the new business after their honeymoon and had a successful December with sales exceeding expectations. They are currently looking for their next pizzeria location in the Charleston, S.C., area, and hope to eventually move their eatery outside of the mall.

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