Food Court Wars, Season 2 Update

Learn more about the Season 2 winners of Food Court Wars and find out where they are now.

Mark's Gourmet Dogs

Mark has taken his love for hot dogs to the next level by selling from a hot dog stand. He and his wife, Krysta, are now operating a permanent spot in the mall. Their offerings include specially made hot dogs, bratwursts and sausages with a variety of gourmet toppings.

J’s Kitchen

With the help of her friend Lisa, Joyce is bringing her food truck offerings to the food court, serving Filipino comfort food with a fresh Southwestern flair. Mallgoers can look forward to trying their chicken adobo, pork belly, pancit noodles and popular spring rolls.

Ophelia's New Soul

Best friends Malcolm and Cordey are honoring the women who have inspired them throughout their lives with a food court eatery serving a healthy take on soul food. Their specialties include mac 'n' cheese, turkey meatballs and collard greens.

Sabor de San Miguel

Brother and sister Juliano and Norris, food truck operators, are bringing the Guatemalan cuisine to the food court, and in doing so are honoring their heritage and making their parents proud. At Sabor de San Miguel customers can find ceviche, slow-roasted pork and handmade tortillas.

STX Restaurant

Ayanna and Dee are best friends who each run their own catering companies in Memphis. Growing up in military families traveling the world was the inspiration for the international direction of their restaurant. Customers can expect a variety of worldly kebabs, including jerk and curry versions.

Molly's Kitchen

Friends Lindsey and Michelle are two moms who run one of the sweetest shops in Logan, Utah. The business grew from a cupcake shop that Michelle perfected and now features all kinds of baked goods, including their signature cupcake churros and chocolate cobbler.

Bistro to Go

Bistro to Go makes Southern-style bistro food available to customers fast in Bossier City, Louisiana. Owner J.B. and general manager Brandi serve classic jambalayas and muffaletta sandwiches as well as scrumptious daily specials.

The Gaufre Gourmet 

Couple Mike and Charlene live by the motto that anything can go on a waffle. The two use only the freshest local ingredients, which include both sweet and savory offerings that go on top of a classic Belgian recipe.

Full Circle Sliders

Full Circle Sliders is the brainchild of couple Jennifer and Lara, who left their regular jobs and turned their love of food first into a catering business, then into a restaurant in Dallas. Their specialty is sliders of all kinds, with ingredients like slow-roasted Italian beef, marinated grilled chicken and pulled pork.


Larry decided to turn his love for wings and pizza into a food business, and Wingzza was born. He and his manager, H.C., are dishing out some of North Carolina's best wings. The secret to their success is their prized Mambo Sauce. Don't forget to grab a slice of one of their pizzas, which also includes the option of Mambo Sauce.

Modern Southern Table

Best friends Sadaya and Maiya have turned their passion for cooking into a popular business. They put out delicious Southern comfort food in the middle of the Northwest. Customers can expect to find classics like gumbo, fried chicken, and a special Southern-style mac and cheese on the side.

Glutton Force Five

Tim and Pat are two competitive eaters who are foes at eating competitions, but best friends in the kitchen. They've put their unique spin on Mexican food by reinventing the taco in a bag. It's easier to eat but just as crunchy and tasty as the original. Look for their signature Big Jim taco.

House of Doggs

The husband-and-wife team of Nick and Autumn McAllister turn out music-themed hot dogs with some delicious toppings. It's what sets their hot dog shop apart from the rest. Here customers can grab some inventive creations like the Fusion Dogg; don't forget their homemade potato chips on the side.

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